Prophet Muhammad’s ‘After Death’ Conversation with The King of Pop

Controversial Author and Self Proclaimed Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad today tells that he had a Psychic discussion with The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Prophet Muhammad tells us that during a recent seance, he connected with Michael in order to find out his whereabouts. Muhammad says that he went into the connection thinking he was contacting Michael in death only to find out in the conversation that “Michael is Alive.”

Michael did not divulge his whereabouts but explained to Muhammad his reasons for faking his death hoping to bring comfort to his unknowing children. The following explanations were giving to us which Muhammad claims came directly from Michael. Michael explained to Muhammad that his family rivalry was the cause of the accusations of child molestation, and that his family spread these rumors to the media out of jealousy but more so for money.

Michael explained that his skin change was due to the fact that he felt “Black People” had turned their back on him. And the skin change was a protest against that act of what he calls Judasy. He said many other black historical figures had been adopted by Caucasians and their skin changed to white. Michael also felt that whites would do the same for him after death – but he did not want to wait to be adopted after death.

King of Pop, Michael Jackson.
King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Michael also spoke about his mounting financial troubles because of the accusations which caused a great loss of support from business associates and fans. Michael said that the only way he could kill two birds with one stone was to die. And he said that the title to his supposed comeback tour “This is it” actually meant his death.

Michael explained that his doctor Conrad Murray was actually an undercover “voodoo doctor,” who administered the zombifying drug “Tetrodotoxin” to him. Michael explained that this drug was also used by ( Jesus Christ ) to give him “the symptoms of death.” And that after he was pronounced legally dead he revived and was smuggled out of the country – unknown to all of his family including the children.

He said that he has undergone plastic surgery and skin coloration and looks nothing like he did in his former life as a superstar. He apparently told Muhammad that Michael Jackson is Dead, living a new life as the common man he so longed to be in life.

Muhammad said that Michael sends his love to his children and all of his loyal fans and hopes that they continue to celebrate the music and remember him as he was.

Prophet Muhammad hopes that this message from MJ will bring a sense of closure to mourning fans, but we at have a feeling that Muhammad has only sparked a new controversy – you be the judge.

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