Prominent Casting Company Looking for White People to Talk on Discrimination

As the movie business continues in full gear, a well-known casting company by the name of Punched in the Head Productions is seeking out white persons who have a story to tell about getting bad prejudicial treatment. The call came some days ago through an ad on the worldwide web placed on the Craigslist platform and immediately started attracting much attention in the US.

The public often sees black people discriminated against and hearing about white discrimination is usually out of the norm. Yet, according to Punched in the Head Productions, white people are suffering prejudicially.

White persons who have a story to tell will have their say in a documentary soon to be filmed. Since the production company finds it a difficult task to locate whites, whom in the past felt discriminated against, they instead recruit the casting company to do the job for them. Usually casting companies like Punched in the Head and Bubblegum Casting as well as others take on the role of recruiting actors and extras that are looking for a shot at the movies to play leading or small roles in a film.

Punched in the Head Productions is mainly focusing on white people who are residing in a black majority setting and whom at times experience hurts because of bad prejudicial treatments that are dished out to them. In addition, they are targeting people who are of the belief that whites are more privileged than blacks are.

The ad placed on Craigslist reads as such, “Is race an issue in your family, community or school? Is something making you question possible advantages you have had as a white person? Are you being discriminated against for being white? Are you having a problem with race on social media? Is something happening in your life that makes you think a lot about race or what it means to be white?

Usually there is a Black History Month because of the constant discrimination against the black race over the years and in some cases even in today’s society. The documentary however wants to focus on the white people who believe they have been discriminated against.

Is the documentary trying to garner support for a White History Month in the making? While people worldwide accept the usual Black History Month, a White History Month will be something new and might trigger a color conflict. Still, some white persons over the years have held the view that there should be a White History Month as well.

Since 2014 began, MTV conducted a poll among whites to find out about who believes there are white persons being discriminated against. The poll came up with 48% of whites interviewed saying that white discrimination is present in places where they reside.

Often, someone who is white would think he or she has the upper hand and yet today this may be all changing. In fact, some whites today are now realizing that it is not cool anymore being white.

As Punched in the Head Productions continue locating whites who have an issue of struggling with discrimination, the public is eagerly awaiting the filming and release of the documentary. Until then, we can only wonder if it is true that some of the white population are suffering discrimination abuse.