Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. DIY: Which is Better?

For carpet cleaning in most homes, there is an option to either follow DIY steps or ask a professional cleaning company to come over and do the job. There are pros and cons for each option.

DIY carpet cleaning

This is a good idea if the goal is to just clean the carpet on the surface. Regular vacuuming does not need professionals. The equipment can be operated easily. This is also a good idea for simple stains that need to be removed.

Regular maintenance done on a daily or weekly basis will be too expensive if a professional cleaner is asked to do it.

The downside is that vacuuming does not remove dirt and dust beyond the surface. It only cleans the visible portion. The carpet might look clean, but there are bacteria hidden underneath. Another disadvantage is that it is possible to worsen the problem. Serious stains can be dealt with easily by professionals. They know what to do to remove the stains without damaging the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning

There are reputable cleaning companies that provide effective cleaning systems. They use quality equipment and cleaning agents to ensure that the carpets look good and will remain in great condition after cleaning.

Professionals also have enough experience in handling different types of carpets. They have dealt with challenging conditions in the past. They also train people well before sending them to residences or commercial establishments to do the job.

The downside is just the cost for the service. A professional cleaning service is quite expensive especially if the services are sought quite a lot. It might seem like this at first but the truth is that hiring professionals to do the job can actually help save more money.

They might have to be paid for every service done but the amount is not as high as the cost for buying new cleaning tools, or even a new carpet. Add to that the effort in cleaning the carpets and the time it takes to get things done. There are also companies that follow green carpet cleaning strategies. They can help clean the carpet without using harsh cleaning agents that could harm the environment.

The best choice

In the end, the best option should be based on the necessity. For regular cleaning, following DIY strategies could help. However, professionals should be asked to come over every now and then. They know carpets better and they won’t mishandle them. As long as they are a reputable cleaning company, they can be trusted to do the job.

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