Obamacare May Not Throw Out Incumbents in November Poll

It appears certain that Obamacare has stirred the electorate and it is hitting them where they feel most pain – in their wallets. Polls already show that Democrats are in trouble, and if the numbers stay the way they are now, Democrats can expect to lose their Senate majority plus some number of seats in the House of Representatives.

Democrats whave two major things against them – President Obama and Obamacare, and those two will cost Democrats the U.S. Senate, come November.

Politicians in general change as soon as they get to Washington DC – they strop listening to the people they are supposed to represent. Then, in an election year, the electorate decides they have had enough, and wants the incumbents thrown out of office. A new poll released on Saturday shows that a record 68 percent of respondents want someone to vote for other than their current Congressional representative.

Big change in one week!

Only a week ago, in this story, “Americans Want To Kick The Bums Out – All Of Them” a poll showed that dissatisfaction with incumbents remained high, as expected in an election year. Only 34 percent of respondents said they were happy with their congressional representative, but 55 percent prefer someone else.

Down from 34 percent in the Pew Research Center poll a week earlier, this new ABC News/Washington Post survey now shows only 22 percent said they are happy with their congressman.

Also, in the Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey, 55 percent of respondents said they are willing to vote out the incumbents.

Even though this sentiment keeps showing up in polls, Alan Abramowitz at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics says, voters “are likely to result in minimal change in the party balance of power.”

Does that mean Americans are all talk and no action?

The Pew researchers think so.

“It’s one thing to say your representative doesn’t deserve to be re-elected, or even that you’re open to voting him or her out, and actually doing so,” Pew observed. “Americans have been more favorably disposed toward their own representative than to Congress as a whole.”

One possible reason for that is not all of the voting record of incumbents is reported. That makes it difficult for voters to judge what their representatives have really been doing in the congress, and congress probably depend on their ability to vote almost anonymously.

This is another thing we will have to wait until November to see the results of.

Here is news of this issue:

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