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State Of Affairs In The Not-So-Democratic State of Israel

The Knesset building in Jerusalem, Israel - photo Nurit Greenger

It is difficult for a calf – the political Left in Israel – to leave the udders of its mother – the government in all of its institutions – after seventy-five (75) years. The political Left in Israel, the Labor Party, the Histadrut Union, and now the High Court of Justice do what they want and continue to rule, in jobs, in tenders, without arriving at the court, even though there are disgusting and repulsive cases against them and if they do appear in court, they leave without guilt, with impunity.

Self-Interest in Israel

The court and the prosecutor’s office in Israel are full of conflicts, self-interests and ruse. For example, they are relatives of all and are self-elected by nepotism. This is the High Court that now demands justice in Israel.

How come that former Prime Minister Ehud Barak and/or Ehud Olmert, two men who openly called to take up arms against the elected government and its voters have not been arrested to this day? The fact that both of them are still not in jail makes my skin crawl. If the same call came from someone from the political Right, or only suspected of it, the handcuffs would be on him or her immediately.

And then the judge suddenly “becomes confused” and reads a verdict even before the defense attorney, according to the law, was given the time to defend his client.

The Knesset building in Jerusalem, Israel - photo Nurit Greenger
The Knesset building in Jerusalem, Israel – photo Nurit Greenger
The Knesset [Israel parliament] plenum – photo Nurit Greenger

Who Can The People Rely On?

And so the people must make the effort, but the truth is, in the end, the people have no one to rely on except their Father in Heaven.

As they once said “change”?

Corruption and ‘protektzyia’ is celebrated in the Histadrut Union, and everywhere; the court’s abuse of the government, elected by the people, never was, never will be created in any democracy in the world.

The time has come for the people of Israel to be the policeman and bring the country to absolute order. The time has come for the people in Israel to embrace the sovereignty they were given but are not using.

Now is the time to convey the truth. It must be short and to the point. So that it hits the top of the skull and the left side of the body-the heart, and connects the two. Because those who are now infesting the roads and are protesting with uniforms, just like in North Korea, long ago lost their senses and the ability to think critically.

They are suffering from brainwashing. Normally, in their condition, they would have been sitting in an insane asylum for a long time. The truth must be also conveyed to the public at large, even to those who do not want to hear it.

Those who mislead the demonstrator crowds are not interested in the truth. They are aware of it. But the money, in earnest, mostly flows into their pockets from external intervention, blinds them, causing them to create engineered consciousness.

At the Knesset [Israel’s parliament] building with Justice Minister Yariv Levin, left, Nurit Greenger, the writer/President of-US-AZ Cultural Foundation, right Eti El-Kiss, CEO Cachet Worldwide Production-December 21, 2022 – Photo Nurit Greenger
At the Knesset [Israel’s parliament] building, the pride of the national flag and the image of the candelabra that was removed by the Romans from the 2nd Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD, and the sign in Hebrew: ‘Knesset’ – Photo Nurit Greenger

Focused Truth

But within the whole flock of sheep there are also those to whom it is important to speak a focused truth.

An honest and smooth message must also be conveyed to all members of the High Court: you have 24 hours to pack your belongings, the people are firing you. And from there immediately work according to the democratic conditions for electing members of the High Court, according to a basic law that cannot be changed, and elect a new group of High Court judges according to the new election’s basic law.

Those misguided elites who are sitting today on the thrones of their High-Court dictatorship, which they called constitutional, will not be unseated quietly. But every one of them should be fired.

No Right to Rule

Those who the people did not elect have no right to rule.

The people of Israel, you slept standing up and let the High Court climb over your head, all the way to its very top.

I claim that it is possible to find a reasonable democratic path to fire all of them. They are illegal according to the laws of democracy and should be fired. Israel does not have a constitution and there is an open gap for their dismissal. That is because no one elected them and no one gave them the powerful authority they assumed for themselves.

The sky will not fall if such a move is implemented and whoever riots, arrest him or her until there is civil order in the country.

The problem is that the people are afraid to ban, or even arrest Ehud Barak and Ehud Olmert. They are afraid to call the High Court of Justice group for an in-depth investigation. And afraid that the anarchists protesting in the streets will burn down the city. But half of those protestors should have sat in jail and calmed down there a long time ago.

Old Idea Is New Again

Although this idea is new, the solution is to dismiss the High Court of Israel and start over.

Freedom minded minds think alike.

Amir Ohana, Speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, made it clear to his constituents: “There are a variety of bills that can assist us to deal with the trampling of the High Court of Justice. In a court for constitutional issues, lawyers have no advantage and public representatives from a variety of fields will also be able to sit in it. The Knesset will not meekly accept its trampling. If the laws it legislated are invalidated, all the decisions that the High Court made on the Basic Laws that passed are null and void.”

The Israeli Supreme Court must understand that its power is limited and it is not omnipotent, which they think they are. There is no authority in a democracy that is “all-powerful,” and the Knesset and the government must understand this well and behave accordingly.

The Current Government of Israel

It has been one year since the current Israeli government started functioning. The government owes the people a full explanation about the political and constitutional crisis in the State of Israel.

The people want to know why the judicial reform failed in its implementation from the get go. And why in the first year of its term the government failed in its actions even though it was elected by and is representing an overwhelming majority.

At the Knesset [Israel’s parliament] building – Marc Chagall painting – photo Nurit Greenger
At the Knesset [Israel’s parliament] building a display of artistic menorah-candelabra – Photo Nurit Greenger
All the solutions are in the hands of a government that functions diligently, in its role as the representative of the sovereignty of the people and does not function as the representative of the procrastination and obstinacy governance that has been suffocating Israel for 75 years.

Optimism is medicine! Encouragement and blessing for the better is hope.

The government of Israel, take pride in who you are and who you represent and go to work, stop the fiascos.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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