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Mr. Trump, Thank you

Dear Mr. Trump:

Congratulations are in order. According to CNN, your current poll numbers are one point higher than the sum total of three of your closest GOP opponents: Marco Rubio (18%), Ted Cruz (11%) and Ben Carson (9%). It appears that the more expletives you spew and more egregious and denigrating posture you acquire towards ‘other species’ – Blacks, Mexicans and particularly Muslims – the higher the accolade you earn from your supporters which these days include media too.

You have proven everyone who says hate does not sell, wrong!

In fact, you are selling this commodity with a humongous profitability (profanity) margin. As it turns out, you are currently supported by only one demography of the country: the marginalized far-right (and far-removed) white supremacist groups. They are the only ones soaking up your vitriolic potion like some kind of elixiric never-lose-a-hair toupee.

At times, you seem to give an impression of a moral tactician of a ruthlessly blind group whose feigned patriotism resides anywhere but in the heart.

We don’t envy your skyrocketing poll numbers. Not at all! We’re just dumbfounded that your support tent is full of fatuously asinine Americans. They applaud even when you call one of your male opponents, ‘basically a little girl,’ and say things like, ‘Folks, this is true. I got hold of Jeb’s birth certificate; his real name is Jebra.’

Apparently, your supporters cannot distinguish a joke from an insult. They also can’t figure out when you are acting like a wealthy arrogant business tycoon and when you aren’t Jerry Seinfeld! Let us set the record straight: at least the guy has talent!

The other day, your bending over and calling Mr. Putin a strong man and a great guy, was painfully hilarious and amounted to nothing but plain elephant ass-trumpeting. Anyone with a wee bit of common sense – and without as big and as foul a mouth as yours and less than one trillionth of the wealth you have – knows that Putin is out to destabilize our relationship with our allies and destroy our political bridges all over the world. His standing on the world’s political stage is well-documented. His record of governing a country is as bad as those autocrats in the Middle-East.

But then, you also thought that Mr. Harrison Ford was a US President for real!

Admittedly, we Muslim-Americans are in awe of your persona. You remind us of people of wealth and power with ill-placed passion who hate everyone else except themselves – no matter who. The intensity of your collective intolerance and filthy barrage of disparaging comments about the entire segment of Muslim citizenry of the United States of America is sickening. You are beginning to remind us of Adolf Hitler, Nathuram Godse, Geert Wilders, Lars Vilks and Jean-Marie Le pen – all morphed into one hubristic political lycanthrope, intent on destroying the Founding Fathers’ great legacy!

Your arrogance towards Muslims stems from your ignorance about the remarkable concept of six degrees of separation. It is a theory that everyone in the world is six or fewer steps away from any other person by way of introduction. This remarkable theory was proposed by the Hungarian journalist and poet Frigyes Karinthy in 1929, when the estimated world population was only about 2 billion. Notwithstanding that eighty-six years ago, people didn’t have bullet trains, supersonic jets, sophisticated supercomputers, fast internet, smart phones, hybrid cars, MySpace, Facebook or twitter, the accuracy of six degrees of separation theory is mind-boggling. Today, planet earth is 7.2 billion humans strong. About 1.2 billion people identify themselves as Muslims: exactly one-sixth of the world population! What does it mean? It means that, every sixth person you meet on this planet would most likely be a Muslim. And yet, isn’t it utterly tragic that you or anyone in your gold-plated superwhite tent, hasn’t had even a casual perchance encounter with a single Muslim ever!!!!

Your intense verbal abuse of my community is a proof of that unfathomable deprivation. It must be divine, because otherwise, humanly it is just not possible. In fact, it is far more likely than meeting Star Wars’ Yoda in your dream!

There is no denying that the relationship between the Muslims and the rest of the world has become one of the most sensitive, thorny and to some extent most confusing issues of our times. Al-Qaeda and IS may be inspired by the foggy misinterpretation of Islam by their leaders, but neither is a religious organization. They do not represent Muslims, and, they do not represent Muslims in America at all!

In fact, what they have done, are doing and plan to do in future is everything Islam abhors and stands against. So do the Muslim-Americans. It is embedded in the allegiance we took when we accepted by free will, this country as our home. It is incumbent upon us to serve and protect it from external and internal threats. To defeat this demon, we all must resolve to understand their resolve and stand against their stand on world affairs.

Regrettably, by demonizing the entire Muslim population because of the singular misdeeds of so very few, you are creating a new generation of KKK that is more intolerant and violent. That is precisely how Hitler poisoned the minds of so few in the beginning against the Jews in Germany, until the flames engulfed the entire Europe. Jews were Hitler’s main victims, simply because they were intelligent, gifted, hard-working, and wealthier than their European compatriots.

The majority of 5 million+ Muslims in the United States are highly qualified and well-respected professionals, contributing positively everyday towards the betterment of peoples’ life in education, medicine, civil liberty and protection and caring of the less-fortunate. They are good law-abiding citizens, respectful and compassionate neighbors and integral components of their communities all across the US. So, it is just not possible to pretend that one knows Muslims (and therefore Islam by some proxy) without even trying to know those of us who are all around you, as your peers, colleagues, co-workers, neighbors and even as your cab drivers. What else could be a greater testimony of our patriotism? The six degrees of separation concept was never more relevant than it is today!

You are using the unfortunate but isolated and sporadic misdeeds of a few rogue elements of Muslim communities as a threat-meter to poison millions across the US. Have you been to a prison lately and asked the warden for the statistics on those incarcerated?

But then, not all is doom and gloom for my people. They have found resolve and inspiration in your continued repugnance. Recognizing and even respecting that you can’t stand anything that is imported from the ancient Arabian Peninsula in the name of fourteen-century old Islam, they would emulate one of America’s very own authentic and greatest sons, Malcolm X.

Why? Because what they are facing today is akin to Malcolm X’s very own struggle half-a-century ago. He succinctly narrates the intimidation by the hooded Ku Klux Klan riders of his time, galloping, brandishing shotguns and rifles and, setting his parents’ house on fire. Many towns’ all-white emergency responders watched in silence the burning of the house to the ground, refusing to do anything. His speech on November 20, 1963 at Columbia University is an ironic echo of our much-desired response to what is being said very vocally by many GOP presidential hopefuls, today. He questioned the sincerity of a University as famous as Columbia which allowed law students to study the legal aspects of Muslims in America and look for ways to stop the spread of their religion. That era’s lack of understanding of six degrees of separation, unfortunately still exists.

Fifty years ago, Malcolm X’s clarion call of wake up, clean up and stand up, was aptly relevant for Black people in America; in today’s charged political environment, it has become even more relevant for the Muslim-Americans.

So, thank you, Mr. Trump. Your disdain and condescending sentiments towards us and our faith are inspiring my people!!

When the local and global events prick his conscience, the freelancer within his alter ego forces him to lift the pen.

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