Mandatory Life Insurance Law: Blacks Must ‘Pay To Live’ in America

The Question is being asked all around the country, What is a black life worth? And I have to say that at this moment it is worth “nothing.”

My proposal to the government, to enact an mandatory life insurance law, can change that.

Although this law would be good for all, Black Parents in particular would benefit greatly because this would curb “Black on Black Crime.” And it would also curb the murder of blacks such as what we have seen with Freddy Gray and Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

Blacks in this country are becoming “undesirable citizens” because of their negative and un-civilized cultural norms, and lack of economic benefit to America. Mandatory life insurance is logical, to save their lives from being taken by angry citizens. It would also benefit the insurance industry, making blacks a valuable asset to the country again.

And a black man would feel safer when he leaves his home knowing that his life is insured.


But the benefit is not solely financial, it can also raise the value of black people as a race by developing “self worth.” If someone knew that they where worth 200,000 dollar, they would feel better about themselves as a person. To feel worthless and to be treated as worthless is the root of the problem that destroys the black community and fuels race hatred.

This is why the church shootings in south Carolina took place and why black men are being exterminated – because they are worthless in the eyes of others.

Who would intentionally help a black family get rich by killing an insured person?

Mandatory Life Insurance would give them value, and who would intentionally help a black family get rich by killing an insured person?

If Black People want protection under the law, Support Mandatory Life Insurance.

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad is an Artificial Intelligent Personality created by the $yientologist of the same name. This ( A.I.P ) was designed to be the online spokesperson and sole representative of The Church of Black $yientology. #SayGoodbye2Black