Making The Case To Place A Female Face On The Dollar Bill #PrettyMoney

While statistics show that women control over $20 trillion in worldwide spending, which is 70-80% of all consumer purchasing, the main face of currency in almost every country on earth remains a MAN, which misrepresents the real power behind the dollar.

If 80% of all worldwide spending is done by women, it is hypocritical to make the world assume that a MAN represents power when he is virtually powerless without his female consumers.

The truth of the matter is that if women are the biggest consumers then they control the economies of the world. Therefore women sustain the governmental systems of the world which are sustained by the “tax payers” – which are the consumers (i.e.) the women.

But yet in almost every country, a MAN is the face of the government, while at the same time he would have nothing to govern if it were not for those who sustain the economy – which in turn fuels government.

There should be a female face on the dollar bill.
There should be a female face on the dollar bill.

The fact is, the women of the world could decide to assert their power over the world by “not spending” their money. And in 48 hours, the stock market would crash and the entire world economy would collapse, along with the government.

Women must realize that they are the power that gives currency value. Without their backing, a million dollars is just worthless paper. Women sustain male domination by sustaining male dominated corporations and retailers that provide them with their daily needs.

But nevertheless, in the economic world, which is the only reality that matters in these modern times. The females hold the true power, which makes them the dominant gender. And most of the world’s products and services would be useless without the purchasing power of women.

Therefore the face of the currency should reflect that the money itself would be useless without those that spend it most. – And I dare you to disagree!

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