Let’s Make America “Segregated” Again #PoliticalSegregation

With the growing talk of white nationalism which is embedded in the term “Make America Great Again.” Many of the uninitiated wonder how this can be done when integration is so widespread?

No one can deny that The dream of Dr Martin Luther King Jr can be seen throughout the entire world. But many have always viewed Integration as the destruction of their race identity, and that is not just a caucasian perspective.

Factually, the majority of black people in America support integration because of the low opinion other races have of blacks. And to escape persecution Black people felt the struggle to integrate was the only solution.

But if the new found interest in white nationalism is to flourish, Segregation must be reestablish. But seeing that so many families in America are integrated the reinstitution of segregation can’t begin on a social level.

Segregation must begin on a “political level” by separating the ideologies of the masses. Segregation in this form takes skin color out of the equation and identifies race according to beliefs.

political segregation

Under this new system: No matter your skin color, if you believe a certain ideology then you are WHITE and if you believe In the alternate then you are BLACK.

And although this may seem like a new approach to segregating the masses – it is not. This is segregation at it’s roots, because although skin color may have been the main focus In the past, it is not now. Ideology has always been the driving force behind the arguments that one race (or class) deserved more or less.

And #PoliticalSegregation is just a new way of proving that no matter the skin color – devious minds think alike.

So Let’s Make #PoliticalSegregation A Trending Topic !!!

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
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