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Kosovo Not Integral Part of Territory of Serbia

Serbian “Little Slobo” Is Dangerous for Kosovo and Balkans as “Big Slobo!”

Neither the European Union (EU) nor the United States should award Serbia for its political merits and a new role and mission in Balkans affairs until it gives up the old colonial politics in their slogan “Kosovo is Serbia.” There’s no doubt this threatening slogan leaves open the option of war in reconquest of Kosovo by Serbia which is highly supported by Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Who is “Little Slobo?”

This refers to Ivica Dacic, current deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Serbia, who is dubbed by Serbian political opposition and mass media as a “little Slobo.” Slobodan MIloshevic was his chief – president of Serbia and the head of the Socialist Party of Serbia(SPS).

In the course of the last decade of the twentieth century, Ivica Dacic- “mali sloba – littleslobo” was the “right hand” of Slobodan Milosevic’s terrorist and genocidal politics against Albanian Kosovo. After toppling the regime of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000 parliamentary elections, and after his extradition to the ICTY in June 2001 because of the crime of genocide in Kosovo (1989-1999), Ivica Dacic replaced him in the leading of the SPS because both “invested” in extending the territorial boundaries of Greater Serbia.

Well, now, after all those crimes, atrocities and three (3) genocides of Serbia, it is not the right time to reward Serbia for its barbarous deeds against innocent people in the Balkans(1989-1999). What does Serbia’s Foreign Minister Dacic want to get from the European Union? He said, “It is time for the EU countries, objectively to look at the role and merits of Serbia on all developments in the Balkans and in Europe.”

The progress made in the Brussels dialogue with Pristina and the signing of four agreements should be an incentive for the opening of the first chapters in EU membership talks. It’s true that Official Belgrade reached four agreements with Kosovar counterparts in Brussels in August 25, 2015 but we ought to say that these four agreements concluded between Kosovo and Serbia. They aren’t significant for security, stability and peace in the Balkans or Kosovo, but only for Serbia.

In favor of this gradual return of Belgrade in Kosovo will guarantee the Agreement of the establishment of the Association of the Serbian municipalities in Kosovo Republic which de facto and de jure is over than Martti Ahtisari.

If this is Serbia’s strategy Plan A, it would not be realized peacefully. Then, Belgrade in cooperation with Moscow will carry out Plan B, to invade Kosovo as Russia did with Crimea. This possible risk which now warning the preparation and planning of the development of the joint maneuver military forces of Serbia and Russia will be near the border in the north and east of the Republic of Kosovo.

Dubious Merits

Here are the “merits” of Serbia, why should any of these be “rewarded” by the EU?

  1. Interference and illegal coherent blending of Serbia in Kosovo internal affairs (1999-2015);
  2. Curfew Mitrovica, northern Kosovo internationalization respectively under the Agreement concluded between the negotiating parties Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels, April 19, 2013;
  3. Belgrade’s intensive propaganda and political agitation through various regional, European and international conferences, congresses and meetings, as well as in different countries of the United Nations appeal not to recognize Kosovo’s legal independence;
  4. The daily official statements of President, Prime Minister and the Deputy Foreign Minister of Serbia (Tomislav Nikolic, Aleksandar Vucic and Ivica Dacic) that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo;
  5. The 16-years (1999-2015) political and diplomatic war and efforts of Serbia to help Serbian minority in Kosovo in recognizing their full political and territorial autonomy like “Serbian republic” within the federal state of Bosnia and Herzegovina realized by force.
  6. In this context, the Agreement was signed on establishing the Association for Serbian Municipalities in Kosovo (August 25, 2015).

  7. The unchanged Serbian Constitution of 2006, under which “Kosovo is a province of Serbia”;
  8. Initiative, charges, claims and proposals of Belgrade against the just war of the KLA, which recently, in cooperation with the EU and the UN, managed to establish a Special Court for punishment of the war crimes of KLA in Kosovo;
  9. Serbia’s complaints, petitions and memorandums to UNESCO and INTERPOL that they should not accept Kosovo Republic as their member;
  10. Direct and indirect intervention to the international actors (EU, NATO), present in Kosovo, to prevent the legalization of the Kosovo Army;
  11. The coherent political and diplomatic efforts by top officials in Belgrade, to implement Resolution 1244 of the United Nations, which does not recognize Kosovo’s independence, but the right of former Yugoslav sovereignty upon Kosovo i.e. Serbia as the successor state of the former SFRY(1945-1990);
  12. The rejection of evidence and irrefutable arguments that Serbia committed genocide in Kosovo(1998-1999);
  13. Continuous calls by Moscow and Beijing to affect other countries and their partners that must not recognize Kosovo’s independence, but should block it such as they did by their VETO (Russia) and China (abstention) within the United Nations Security Council in keeping unchanged the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo (June 10, 1999) that doesn’t recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Morally and Legally Unacceptable

As above, all these political actions are wrong morally and legally unacceptable of Serbia, are inconsistent complete with norms, rules and principles of international law and with the objectives and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, as well as of the positive international legal order.

All these wrong actions (politically, diplomatically and legally) openly testify that Serbia still is not ready and really not interested to normalize relations with Kosovo, nor to play any kind of positive role in establishing, providing, preserving and advancing lasting peace and stability in the Balkans.

We should be well aware and concerned that Serbia’s official political leaders daily claim that “Serbia will never recognize Kosovo.” This slogan should be taken very seriously because it leaves open their option of the use of force and war to intervene in Kosovo.

So, we must understand that while Belgrade chants the political slogans “Kosovo is Serbia” and “Serbia will never recognize Kosovo,” it is their open call for war in Kosovo.

This is the main reason why the European Union (EU) should never accept Serbia’s request to join as a member with full rights before the recognition of independent Republic of Kosovo by Serbia like the other 109 nations of the United Nations (2008-2015). Otherwise, it will jeopardize peace, security and stability in the Balkans.

Serbia No Factor in Stability, Security, Peace

Finally, we must remind Serbian politicians that Serbia is not any factor of stability, security and peace in the Balkans while it persists in saying that Kosovo is still an integral part of Serbian territory.

This is not true no way due to Kosovo was only a colonial plunder of Serbia(1912-1999). This historical truth must take into account that Serbia wants to be rewarded by the European Union, NATO and the United States, and to convince them that it is ready to vindicate the principles and standards of peace and justice according to the international law and the United Nations Charter.

Otherwise Serbia with its colonial and neo-colonial pretentious and ambitions (geopolitical map of Greater Serbia) towards Kosovo, cannot consider itself a main pillar and political player in holding and maintaining security, peace and stability of the Balkans.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.

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