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Is The United States Losing The Basic Principles of Free Society?

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The basic principles of a government for a free society are, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to own property and a system of government that protects the rights of a local self-government. We in this nation are in danger of losing these principles. I know we have a constitution and that protects these rights. Well said. But are you aware that there are those who run this government and have so in the past are quietly, skillfully chipping away at the basis of these principles. Let us look at the facts. One is there an attack on religion in this nation? Does the constitution state there shall be a separation of church and state? The following is about our religious freedoms.

I. “Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, etc. ”

1. The constitution and the church have no conflict but religion and the Supreme Court are not in agreement. Religion is one factor why this nation was founded. The people wanted a free society that allowed freedom of religion and the state or government would or could not adopt a religion. Those who wrote or ratified the constitution were indeed religious men by nature. They make it clear in the constitution, Amendment

2. The separation of the church and the state makes it clear there are two separate agencies or organizations; the church and the government and religion and the government. This means the state or government cannot take part, or favor of any religious sect, meaning church over or against any other religious sect or church… The government cannot encourage any religious sect or religion where the authority of the government is used to promote or support any particular religious body, sect or religion; this is very clear it means church. This seems to be misunderstood by lawyers either honestly or purposely to mean the government must be separate from the church and religion…Can a person have a religion without a church? Yes they can. Can a person have a church without a religion? Very difficult to have a church without a basic religious foundation but it is possible to separate a person from a church but you can’t separate a person from their religious beliefs, faith, hope, and charity.

3. It seems clear to this person that the constitution does not say separation of religion and state but says separation of church and state. This means no government supported or sponsored church. A Person’s religious rights are protected by the constitution. Their right to attend church is also protected by the constitution. How can government take away a person’s right to religion in whatever church they attend? The government can not then promote anti-religious doctrine either. They also cannot sponsor a church whatever religion it practices. Separation of church and state has become a political football for the press, lawyers and atheists, to include prayer at school, ball games, normal events or whatever they want so to control people and gain ground in disarming the American public of their unalienable rights. Prayer can be given by any religious person without mention of church. To take away prayer in public places because of the ACLU or an atheist is ludicrous. We live in a Nation of religious people. It is and has been a Christian, Judaic nation since its inception. Why has it become more than a nation of God fearing people? It appears the government wants to be god and have people depend on it for substance. People turn to it to protest religion and receive more welfare and more rights for criminals.

Who runs this Nation the ACLU? Why doesn’t the law protect the rights of the majority rather than the minority who are not Christian? What is congress afraid of and why are they afraid? It appears congress has allowed the Supreme Court to make Laws about how this nation operates. My understanding is congress passes laws and the Supreme Court judges the law to be Constitutional or not. If it isn’t constitutional then rewrite the law to pass the standard. If the people need to vote on the law to make it constitutional then call for a Constitutional Congress and vote. If the people vote and it passes it becomes Constitutional Law. That is how important this issue is too many Americans.

When a law is legistlated that causes religious people not to be able to live their religion free from government constraint we are failing to protect the First Amendment to the Constitution of this nation.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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