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Is Nepal Riddled With The Settlement of Impotent Sinners?


Oh, God! You have created the human beings as a mysterious creation in this world. Are the human beings super devils, monsters or any mysterious creatures? What are human beings doing to themselves? Why are humans showing diabolic, violent and callous behavior in the world? In Africa person like Edi Amen was born that led to the creation of terror instigated through the murder of people.

In order to spread their influence American presidents George Bush and George W. Bush – the father and the son – became accountable for murder of numerous people through terrorizing warfare in the Arabian nations including Afghanistan, Iraq and the African nations. Yes! Being a great nationalist, Hitler was deceived by Jews so much that he vented his ire by killing 1 million of their race.

In Soviet Russia, the Communist regime murdered millions of people. Similarly during the spread of communism in China, millions of Chinese were murdered. In Cambodia, millions were made into one corpse. After the World War II, during the cold war that ensued between the parliamentary system and communism, uncountable numbers of people were slaughtered world wide. Why are such incidents occurring, and for what purpose? To rely on the murder of people by people; and to be hopeful for achievement of a goal is diabolical crime, isn’t it?

I was accustomed to hear that people in other countries act like devils. Now this diabolic virus disease of running state regime has permeated Nepal in this time span of four to five years terrorizing the people. Where has this come from?

God! I feel so degraded seeing the character of the people of Nepal. Some become monks, some leave the nation, some in depression hang themselves, and some jump to die into the river. Some so-called party leaders are destroying the indigenous identities and prestige of Nepal. They know the power of human body that when an iron rod comes into contact with the nude electricity wire the person dies instantly. Once a person eats the poison of rats, he will never awake from the bed. Despite all these, people are showy.

After 1850, Junga Bahadur killed many patriotic Nepali people, and did not let the country prosper. However, he had saved the nation. Hitler was an extreme nationalist, but he spilled a river of blood and became responsible for Germany’s retrogression. Hitler was really a courageous person. Had Hitler abstained from killing thousands of Jews and repressing the opposition and ambition, he would have been acclaimed as a nationalist. However, he brought a deserved curse upon himself and died with his own bullet. In Romania, the communist Chachesku’s real image as a corrupt and anti-people leader came to light in the end.

After World War II America and Russia became world’s super powers. These two super powers did not desist or hesitate in committing any crime to gain their influence in the world. Their secret agencies, CIA and KGB, were a menace to the world. The rulers in Arabian and African nations became worried and feared America and Europe, and became dictatorial. Colonel M. Gadaffi who ruled Libiya for 42 years was murdered at the behest of NATO and America, whom had branded him a criminal. He was not like a Hitler or Edi Amen. He was responsible for the prosperity of the Libyan people. He had irrigated a desert to make it fertile.

However, he was dictatorial, arrogant and sybaritic person. In spite of this, he was loved by Libyan people. He never bowed before the terrorizing American and European imperialists. The media organizations funded by America and NATO presented him as a mad person and eventually murdered him. If America does not shun its dictatorial approach as that practiced by George Bush, there will be an end to its diabolic venture.

Nepal is moving on a downward spiral owing to the sin-laden deeds of non-visionary political leaders. How can we chase away such people that attempt to drown this holy land? There will be no shame when one accepts slavery of foreign power. Those who are at the leadership level of Nepal think they are well dressed, but in fact they are nude. These are wolves and jackals that enjoy devouring others creativity.

The anarchist politicians sucked the creativity of visionary Kings Prithvi Narayan Shah, Mahendra, and Birendra, and now they boast about people’s rule and democracy in Nepal. Their corruption is unlimited, and they are slave to foreign powers, due to which Nepal’s politics and the administrative sector has been demolished. Yes! We are healthy but lame and blind.

The so-called leaders utter the name of ‘God’, but they posses knives in their pockets. Exactly-‘A honey tongue a heart of Gail.’ All the government sources and tools are used to achieve private ends. Even if government employees and these politicians work, they work not without bribe.

Oh, God! Why are such incompetent people born in such a holy land where the Vedas, Purans, civilization born, written and developed by the sages and noblest men? Human being is one of the noblest creatures in the world. He has changed the world with scientific, mysterious discovery and achievements. Human beings are wicked, biased, selfish and arrogant. The Bible and Q’uran also can’t melt the brutality of human beings.

In holiday, the little time is spent gambling cards, talking nonsense on how one can deceive and trick another person. These brokers holding the leadership positions cannot think anything else new. The leaders, administrators and businessmen do not hesitate to spend time with others’ daughters, wives and daughter-in-laws if it suits them. The political activists and employees have made it their daily activity to push the society into such a web of decadence. Save two to four persons, every other political activists and employees have distracted others’ daughters, wives and daughter-in-laws.

Whether one has a wife or not that is not the matter. The bribery, commission obtained from secret deals, and the money accumulated through gambling are used on purchasing alcohol and soliciting prostitutes. This trend is increasing so much that there is no record of it. I have heard that many have been seeing others’ wives. Due to exploitation of sexual instincts many big decisions in a nation become paralyzed. In a Muslim society, a woman who had confessed to adultery had been sentenced to 100 lashes.

A Muslim husband can easily divorce his wife by uttering the word ‘Talak’ (divorce) three times. So women are depressed in Muslim society. Recently, Saudi’s Muslim men have demanded-‘women in Saudi Arabia are required by law to cover their hair and wear long, loose black dresses in public to cover their sexy eyes. Some areas of the country require women to cover their faces as well.’ So where is humanity? The wives of many powerful people are spending time and having affairs with others inside and outside the country. Many take benefits through this.

A shiver runs through my body with acquaintanceship of such facts. Oh, God! Are men monkey or devil? Humans do not even posses the awareness of dogs. Deceit takes a monstrous form when defects of sex and bribery reach the acme of decadence. Sex is appropriate within the bounds of which a man lives decently in a society.

Can one expect his mother, sister, daughter, daughter-in-law and wife to remain within a decent character, and spoil others’ wives and so on? Character is a presentation of good behavior towards a fellow being. What can society expect from such people without character? Lord Buddha sought ascetic life by controlling his sexual urges and Kalidash became a great poet not without carnal urge that brought instability in him. The world’s activities are inextricably bound to sexual attraction.

Sexuality must be within the bound of companionship of husband and wife. However, sex has become a reason for the pollution of the society. American President Clinton had an affair touching the secret sexual organs with his office employee. It is unsocial that sex becomes a defect.

The instability of sexual instinct and inability to restrain it will lead to men killing men. Sex maniacs have been killing thousands of young women in the world. Such psychos take pleasure by killing girls when they are not satisfied sexually. Those who are not satisfied and those who are overtly involved in sexual activities are unstable, and are naturally inclined to lying. If a man is involved in sex excessively so as to surpass that of a dog, then such men are alike criminals. Dogs have one time and a month for sexual activity but the dignity of a man is higher than that of a dog.

A dog will not betray at least.

If sexually unstable men are in politics and running the administrative organs, then everything will collapse. In Nepal, the Rana people did not control sexual behavior; they did not preserve morality. So they had to face annihilation. Pratap Malla was a rapist and although he tried penance, he could not get absolution. Juda Shumsher and B.P Koirala were also victims of their uncontrolled sexual instincts. There have been big changes in the world due to sex scandals.

Sexual instinct is for human beings an emotional state of mind. If sexual instincts are let freely to roam it will bring about the rule of devils in the world. Humans are not supposed to violate sex as per their wish. If sexual instincts were to be tamed this lovely life would not be made artificial or sad, and peace and love would have prevailed in the world. Due to unrestrained misuse of sex our society today has fallen below the status of animals.

Seeing the fatal attitudes of people, one feels that they have degraded to the level of wolf that scratches its body and ravishes other creatures’ intestines. Human beings have become such a creeper like curse that it will trample anything it discriminates under its foot. People tend to become so cruel before others who are weaker than them that they will forget the deeds of Edi Amen. Human beings are called intellectual and it is true. If dignity is not to be rich, the people will show the behavior of devils.

The extremity of their cruelty is such that others will learn to become liberal in front of them. They eat others’ food but do not know how to give; it will hurt others but not them, they will demand love from others but in return will show none; instead they will be tempted to scrape at others with their nails. It is known that criminalities and looting may be the last victory of Human beings in this present world.

A monkey will carry its infant but men in times of distress will not scruple to squeeze and abandon it. These are the very reasons why a man is compelled to shoot bullet through his fellow beings’ nose and ear. Karl Marx pointed out that the history of mankind is the history of class struggle. However, this is not only related to economic terms but also an emphasis on man’s devilish attitude. If a man is kept in shackles then he will become submissive.

It is because of this consciousness that men are controlled by rule and regulations. If people do not try to control people then we will become as wild as elephants, and trample everything. So we civilized people must strictly adhere to law, legal acts and constitutional system. Although a man is known to be a social animal it is not true; rather a man is a wild unsocial devil – a discriminatory criminal.

How can we know a person? The world ‘person’ itself is an illusion, unnatural. Elephants and Tigers have sharp teeth that are conspicuous, but men have their teeth in their stomach – like the hidden legs of a snake. A jackal has horns they say, to hide its sins. But in a man, although his horns and tusks are not seen, it is rather poisonous which in first bite will render medicinal treatment ineffective.

At times people die of thirst – not able to get one drop of water, and at times they drown as water fill their body. People do not think like that of Lord Buddha. No matter how much one nurtures a rabbit it will not recognize its owner. A man is an ungrateful creature who will not be the owner’s no matter, how much it is subjugated. A quarrel between a husband and wife is only a game of selfishness. Love shown by a man to its fellow being is only a mere pretension. A man can die stepping on the platform of falsity and lie.

Yes! Human beings feel they are the king of this nature, but they act more cowardly than a fox at desperate situations. Nepal is riddled with the settlement of impotent sinners. It is hopeless to think that one will be helped by the other here. Even if one receives help from another it will not be without self-interest. What pretension? Oh, God! Please do not allow the birth of criminals, impotents, cowards, and immoral people in this pious land-Nepal.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.

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