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Is Anyone Buying Clint Bobo’s Narrative of How His Sister Holly was Abducted?

clint bobo jvm i
clint bobo jvm i

I had to take another look this morning at Jane Velez-Mitchell’s interview with Holly Bobo’s family (Dana, Karen and Clint Bobo), broadcast on August 4th. I thought to record it, knowing full and well, even a small detail that is the least bit new would shed additional light on Holly’s enigmatic disappearance from April 13th.

I reread some of the news coverage coming out of Parsons, Tn some four months ago. Jane played some of the original news footage, such as the memorable clip of Karen Bobo crying and breaking down in front of the cameras, or Dana’s candid opinion that the abductor must have been someone close, who knew the area and knew Holly’s habits.

All along, the TBI has expressed their belief that it musn’t be an outsider, but rather someone from inside the quaint community of Parsons, which only has a population of 25,000 people.

Karen told Jane the family (and Holly’s boyfriend Drew) has been eliminated as suspects right from the beginning of the investigation.

But TBI has said no one has been eliminated. Not that Karen is lying, but perhaps she believes in her heart the family has been cleared of any involvement. This doesn’t appear to be the case.

Let me just say now, I think we can rule out this sex offender, Victor George Wall, as our camouflage man. Victor George is short and small (5’5,” 130 lbs), not our man.

My focus today is only on Clint Bobo’s measured words, spoken to Jane last Thursday. Clint’s narrative was, in my mind, incomplete, a well-worn, canned response with something (perhaps a lot) missing.

Clint wasn’t necessarily lying, but he was leaving out more than he was telling. He wakes up to a dog barking, but why did he then look over at the garage where he sees a silhouette of two figures?

Was the inside garage door already opened, or did he walk from his bedroom and open it up? At one point Clint says: “They were outside the house, in the garage.” This makes no sense.

Had Clint simply misspoken for a second, or was he seeing one image of the traumatic event in his mind, but painting a different picture with words to his television audience?

Which is it? The account of two silhouetted people is a new twist. And this is the first time I’ve heard that he called his mother on the phone right at this odd moment. Why did he call her?

To check and see if Holly was going to school? Wouldn’t he know this already? And he suspected Drew had killed a turkey? Yet he didn’t see the blood in the garage until later on. Did he think it was a turkey as an afterthought also?

The call to mom is most unusual. Later in the interview, Clint reveals the most mysterious recollection of all. ‘He heard their voices outside.’

This implies a different location from the garage, in plain air. Were these unique people from the ‘garage silhouettes?’ Hearing these voices, is it why he calls his mom? This was my take.

Did Clint really see his sister and the brawny camouflage man walking placidly towards the woods? Towards this logging road? Why was the blood only in the garage?

No trail of blood to such logging road? Was Holly’s final location no further than the family garage? I sense this is what the TDI believes.

Yea, Clint’s narrative has a hollow ring to it. Incomplete. Sounds like a dream. A dog barks. Hears voices outside. Calls mom. Camouflage man not an intruder, not an outsider.

Is he real? Lunch box found near a creek, a decoy. 5′ 10,” 200 lbs. A hunter. Not in Parsons. Not outside of Parsons. In Clint’s mind only?

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