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Is America Setting on The Threshold of Complete Destruction?

Our nation is in its most critical state of being it has ever faced. Since the inception of the constitution through the Revolution, then the Civil War and those wars that followed; oh yes World War II and the bombing of the World Trade Centers were very critical but now we fight the worst of all enemies, ourselves… We as a nation are setting on the threshold of complete destruction, a complete dismantling of the constitution and the collapse of freedom. Oh I know you think this is some type of a quack writing this article. Well stop for just one minute and think of what is happening to our country.

Our free society is addicted to sex, drugs, alcohol, and the way to pay for everything, money. How can a people who are the greatest nation of free people of the earth become so apathetic about freedom and so addicted to a way of life we are a degrading reflection on freedom? How can we who are the off spring of those who wrote the constitution, fought the revolutionary war, the civil war and brought a measure of sanity to a world ; how can we have fallen so far from our forefathers ideas to now embrace socialism as a way of life which will turn into communism? Where and what has gone wrong in this nation? People seem to be under some kind of spell, mesmerized, in a trance of unknown origin.

Some of our citizens take things very seriously but others don’t have a clue as to what is happening in our nation’s capitol. Many of this nation older people are more concerned about their social security than they are about what is really happening to us as a nation. People are at the state of blame rather than how to repair or fix this terrible disease of insensibility.

Oh the smart ones are taking shelter in money, gold, silver and whatever they think will buy them a future. Others are busy ignoring the real truth and others have their heads stuck in a cloud of dense smoke, inhaling with glee, caused by collapse of stability. Did you ever get the feeling some of our citizens are enjoying this terrible event, the attempt to collapse and destroy of the way of freedom to the world?

Me I can’t believe some of our politicians and how stupid and I mean stupid they are toward the reality of the condition our government has been deliberately lead into which is collapsing… Why and what is causing this terrible attitude of government and those who want this nation to die a slow deliberate and painful death?

The rich haven’t caused it, the black people haven’t caused it, the immigrants haven’t caused it, the poor haven’t caused it but we the people have caused it. Each one of us who ignored the signs long ago pointing to our fall and possible demise are the culprits… Remember there are four powers or branches of this government, the executive, legislative, judicial, and the people. I know we hear and understand it to be the three branches of government but remember we are the government.

We the people who have the final say and can take back this nation at the voting booth. Why do you think our forefathers gave us certain freedoms in this constitution that safe guard our freedoms? Now those freedoms are in jeopardy of being eliminated by politicians who want to rule rather than being accountable.

Money isn’t the answer folks but we are the answer. We think money can buy anything. No it can’t buy anything and especially freedoms. This is one reason we are failing our forefathers, we believe in the wrong god, the money god. We are letting our worldly desires rule our lives and replace love with lust for comforts only money can buy. Maybe it is time for we the people to take inventory and start looking within, rather than whom to blame. Wake up America and smell the roses.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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