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India Sets a Notorious Offensive Mood Against Nepal

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Regardless of the close relationship between Nepal and India due to unnecessary misunderstandings, there has been the presence of hostility. China and India are two neighboring nations of Nepal. Although, China seems further away from us geographically and linguistically, but we Nepalese people are not suspicious of China. Nepal’s rapport with China is based on amity. We Nepalese respect both these nations. However, India is not ready to comprehend this fact. India is creating wide range of reasons to suffer Nepal.

The 1950’s lopsided treaty and Delhi agreement are some of direct examples. India has been using the Nepalese brokers in Nepal to intervene. India’s internal wish is to bring Nepal under its umbrella for achieving which Indian south block and its intelligence wing ‘RAW’ are working. The leaders of Indian Congress, I think, are democrat; however they cannot tolerate the prosperity of neighboring nations as Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Under the strategy of ‘RAW’ an armed organization Sulfa was created in Assam to threaten, chase and kill Nepali speaking people. Such inhumane works were carried out under the direction of ‘RAW’ and blamed on Khasi ethnic community, which was a blatant example of propaganda to demoralize the Nepali-speaking Indian citizen.

In the month of November of 1987 we, Member of Parliament (lawmakers), during our visit to India, had received an opportunity to meet the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. We appealed Rajiv Gandhi that the injustice unleashed on Indian Nepali speaking in Assam be halted. He rejected our appeal citing that this incident could be the result of Nepal’s decision to impose work permit. (Work-permit system for Indian labors was declared only six month ago-1987) He had directly supported the suppression of Nepali speakers. This proved the degree of prejudice of Indian leaders against Nepalese.

In 1988 India went on to impose an indefinite geographical blockade of Nepal denying the latter an exercise in international right of landlocked nation. During the blockade the pro-Indian Congress and Communists were brought to the fore to launch an agitation against the Panchayat system.

Later ‘RAW’ took advantage of the love saga of Prince Dipendra and Dewani to conspire the destruction of King Birendra’s dynasty. This gave India the edge to pile pressure on Nepal. Then, India searched for many ideas to keep King Gyanendra under its influence after the royal massacre. The King understood Indian intentions and did not support its activities. India had been taking a full fledged negative view towards Nepal’s royal institution.

Within a week of the palace massacre Maoist leader Dr.Baburam Bhattarai, acting upon the direction of ‘RAW’- inside the Indian embassy, published an article in Kantipur-6th Jun. 2001 that referred to King Gyanendra as the mastermind behind the royal massacre. This made a huge impact on Nepalese mass. The King was blamed falsely for the massacre. The former Military Secretary of royal palace, Gen. Bibek Shah also has exposed the Indian conspirator design about the palace macassare-2001 in his book- ‘Maile Dekheko Darabar’ Dec.2010′- (My experiment at Royal Palace)

India is in an offensive mood against Nepal, which is crystal clear to everyone. China is not in a situation to take a position as a mute spectator. It is obvious that China would take necessary measures for its own security because Nepal lies between China and India, is bullied by any nation or India. The activities of India and America have increased in Nepal, so has the Chinese activities.

China may return in the event of continuity of the royal institution. The issue of Free Tibet will also disappear. If not, there will be the cause of great third world war between the Capitalists and the anti-American nations.

In such situation, India also will not be secured.

India is infamous around the world as the result of its decision to use the notorious intelligence agency ‘RAW’ against its neighbors. Indian Congress (I) and ‘RAW’ has adopted terrorism as a strategy to gain influence. Due to this very reason Indian foreign policy is a complete failure.

Now, many false plots were and are being intrigued here in order to tarnish King Gyanendra and Prince Paras at a time when the popular support is tilting in favor of the royal palace. In such condition, how can the nationalist force of Nepal remain silent at such a time? All the patriotic forces must move forward to free the nation of foreign intervention and bring the traitors to book.

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