What if Slavery Never Happened?

With this piece, I want to address the issue of slavery and its relationship to self-esteem because the two are directly connected. I will begin by stating that Slavery in America Never Happened.” The idea of slavery was conceived as a means to place black people in “mental” slavery.

What is Mental Slavery?

Mental slavery – is the only slavery black people have ever endured in America, which is a form of mind-control. This form of slavery is a long-lasting and self-perpetuating: which means, capable of continuing or renewing itself indefinitely.

Through this form of slavery, NO ONE can be blamed or held “legally accountable” for its effects, and it can not be traced back to its beginnings.

But to understand why black people must believe slavery took place in a physical form as they were told throughout history. It is because the idea itself breeds “low self-esteem,” which is the shackles of mental slavery – because to believe that you are the descendants of “human tools” creates a feeling of worthlessness.

Worthless Means Not Worth Paying

This is why black people were told this lie generation after generation because of its psychological effects. But that is only a small part of why this idea was conceived, and this is why the U.S government has not and can not be charged for placing black people in slavery – because it never happened!

But to understand the real reason this lie was conceived, black people must realize that skilled labor requires top pay.

And the first Africans migrated to America “willingly as paid workers” because they were, in fact, skilled in all forms of labor. They were not uneducated because it was they who designed and built Washington DC, as they were the workers who designed and constructed ancient Egypt.

what if slavery never happened? Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay
Mental slavery – what if slavery never happened? Image by Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay

If You Don’t Know, You Don’t Know

But the second and third generation of African immigrants were less skilled than the first – yet they required more money as the cost of living raised yearly. This is what sparked the idea to publicize the “great lie” that they were descendants of slaves who were paid nothing and that they should be grateful for any payment at all.

And over time this lie crippled the masses of uneducated black people psychologically and economically by ceasing all raises in pay for the generations that followed. And as a result, the black communities deteriorated into the conditions they are continually taught, that are a direct result of slavery.

Slavery Never Happened

But TRUTH IS TRUTH, and no real evidence beyond drawings and paintings of slavery can validate the claim that slavery ever happened. There has never been any documentation that can substantiate a voyage to and from Africa nor a bill of sale to verify the purchase of slaves. Why ? – Because it never happened.

If I can make you believe a history that never happened, then you become a slave to that idea. And if that history tells you that you are a slave, then you are what you believe – and you will act as such – and most important to any employer – you won’t demand much. (i.e) Mental Slavery.

And as a result, this has placed African American workers 400 years behind the rest of the nation in pay raises.

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