If Janaki Purushe Can Do it, So Can You

Janaki Purushe, a young genetic researcher in Rockville, Maryland rides her bike to work, to the bank, to the shops – everywhere, in fact. According to a report on CNN, she had to live in a more expensive area to be able to do it. [ CNN Lifestyle Report ]

What a problem to have – sounds like a good investment to me. It is something my wife and I did eight years ago. When all your other costs are lowered, you can afford more. Why has it taken so long to get this idea into the news. Living further out of the city so you can own a McMansion with more land and fewer amenities costs you more, even though you thought it was a good idea at the time.

Janaki Purushe did it better than I did, though. I was able to walk to my office for all of those eight years, but my wife had a 13 mile commute each way. But we just fixed that and she started a new job just three miles away. But for a woman who thinks “roughing it on vacation” means a three star hotel, I don’t think she’ll be biking to work any time soon.

Still, there’s a definite improvement, going from 130 miles per week down to 36 miles, it is a definite plus.

If you’ve seen the photo of Janaki, you can see there are other benefits to excercising your way to work every day. It is something more people should be doing. Think of it as your way to help yourself, to shed a few pounds, improve your lifestyle, save money for retirement, wean the country off its thirst for oil, and improve the economy by reducing imports, all at the same time.

Thanks to Janaki Purushe for showing the way forward.

Alan Gray

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