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How to Live a Happy and Blissful Life


There are three things man can produce; words, work, and thoughts, these are mans motivation in life. Life is always centered on these three things, words, work and thoughts. If we make up our minds about anything good or bad it can cause one to have a change of heart or attitude. A change of heart for good is to include God in all you do or try to accomplish. A change of heart for bad is to exclude God in all you do. After we exclude Him the next phase is to blame him why one has changed their heart or attitude to hard. When one finds they have a change of heart for good they have decided to get out of the fox hole they have created. When one has a change of heart for bad the fox hole is comfortable and one fears leaving because they know they should leave.

Guilt is the motivational force behind not leaving. This is the result of our thought process. We have convicted ourselves of a crime or a deed of negative worth. Instead of forgiveness we seek justification for our deed through our thoughts. This leads to words about our deeds then we work ourselves into a state of staying in the fox hole. We can’t progress while in a fox hole. We must think and pray or ponder about our families, lives, and circumstances that we might become motivated to works that will help change our attitude.

Words and thoughts can lead to pride and pride causes us not to want to admit we are wrong. Not being wrong is another phase of hardening ones heart or attitude. This is close to the final phase; we don’t want to face up to our wrong. When we finally make deliberate decision either for good or bad is the point when we repent, change or harden, or develop the bad attitude that changes our hearts to the point of no return. Now is the time to take advantage of repentance, or change, from our destructive thoughts, words and works that our guilt may vanish like chill in the early morning, as the warmth of the sun melts the morning dew.

If we don’t repent (do away with) and change but leave our lives spotted not wash completely free from the guilt, we become paranoid. This is when we believe others don’t like us or we always think others are talking about us. Our conscious is disturbed and we turn in on our emotions and blame others for our condition. We are trying to hide our true selves from the world and from God. We think others know about us and we jump into our fox holes and pull a cover over our heads; it is like hiding in a cave to escape the punishment of our deeds that will eventually happen. As we think so we become. What the mind does the other two, words and work will follow, a person will speak and do…

The longer one waits to change the more difficult change or repentance becomes. Is it never too late to change? For most people the longer we put off change the harder it becomes. We rationalize our condition and make up our minds that we don’t need help that we can overcome everything. The real truth is we are afraid to change because we don’t know how to change or are afraid of the results change will cause, meaning the emotional results. God has warned man through the ages to repent and change and we don’t believe him, and we become slaves to our life styles. “Know the truth and the truth will make you free.” If you want to change or need help please contact you minister, padre, or any clergy, even a good Christian counselor. Find courage to change and cast off the old and bring in the new. Life will be more enjoyable and more worth living.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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