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Have Religions Failed Man?

opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
opinion. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

I have come to the realization that no government can or will be able to give man (people) the necessary information to help them be satisfied with life.

Governments are mostly corrupt and manmade and give nothing but promises they can never deliver. Why are they corrupt. Because man is carnal and seeks after wealth before they seek after God. Man is a creation of God not science and we as humans need to understand that our maker has the only truth man can trust. Nations come and go, rise and fall, but what lives on is the hope of good men for a better day or better way of life…

If it were possible to sort out the history of every person who has lived on this planet since to beginning of modern man, it would boggle anyone’s mind and it wouldn’t take long before they would give up on the idea. Imagine if you can, to take count of the grains of sand that make up the Huntington Beach in California.

I’m sure this would be close to being a task that is impossible for a normal human. Now think again about sorting the human race into manageable groups. Where would you start?

The Scriptures tell us how God accounted for each person, but what happened to the system established in the bible?

The Genealogy of man was kept on regular basis. Men kept a written record of the first generations but as time passed on, guess what got in the way. Governments or little Kingdoms (politics) that man built to make themselves seem important interfered with the systems developed by those who were called Prophets…

God’s plans were distorted by men who were too eager and ambitious to serve a prophet because they wanted to be King. Kingdoms developed by ambitious leaders and during the process the prophets of God were destroyed, killed and lost to man.

If you have ever worked for a large corporation you are very aware of how little kingdoms get started.

If a company is worth its salt, it grows, and expands. As it grows the people try to protect their jobs. It takes only one person to start the cycle of separation and divide.

They form little orders of loyalty around their positions and those in this circle of loyalists report to the clan builder the foreman or office manager… It gets started when the CEO adds layers of middle management, foreman, office managers, department heads and so forth.

The stronger leaders build their kingdoms within a kingdom and before anyone knows it the company is in financial bondage. Too many bosses and too little getting done causes an over load of spending for middle management.

When this happens people are laid off and cuts are the only way to save the company. Remember these two giants, GMC and Chrysler who needed money from the tax payers just to save jobs?

Religions began with the head being a prophet who is dedicated to serve God and call his people to repentance. The prophet was God’s reprehensive to the people. He was to be the source of information and directions the people were to follow.

God had a Temple to appear in and gave instructions to his prophets. In the days of Moses he had a tabernacle and the room with in the tent called the Holiest of Holy’s where he appeared on several occasions and gave instructions to Moses his Prophet.

Soon the people wanted a King and then came the worst of worst Kings, Saul. Why would they want a King when they had God to guide them? They never saw God and soon they believed the prophet was false because he told them to repent and they didn’t want to repent.

They believed they were as good and the prophet and he weighed them down with his don’t. A few of the Kings lived worthy of the title of king and conferred with the Prophet to what should happen or what the people needed to do to be worthy of God..

Kings learned quickly they could be above the law and when they failed, the people failed as well and lost their identity as followers of God.

Contention, infighting, and chaos separated the people. The prophets kept records of those who were born, noting the parents and siblings of every family. Kingdoms were a man’s downfall. They the Kings became corrupt and failed to serve God and in a short time the Kingdoms were destroyed and the people were overrun by their enemies.

Today there are thousands of religions and churches. Where is the God who talked to prophets and gave insight to life? Why are we left alone in the wilderness hanging only onto our faith? The big question is, is He really coming again as prophesied?

If he doesn’t come again what will we do? We certainly would not elect another President who declares he can fix the mess we have gotten ourselves into and expect him to accomplish what no other man could ever do, count the grains of sand and know each grain represents a human life and is important.

People are the only living being or entity’s on earth that has the ability to choose between good and bad it is called agency. We must learn to apply good (right) in our lives and curtail evil (wrong) to a negative degree so there is less corruption in our lives and in our governments.

Have religions failed man or has man failed to live righteous lives worthy of having prophets?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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