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‘Give Me Shelter’ – Who’s Protecting Hells Angel Steve Ruiz and Christel?

hells angel swat team
hells angel swat team

Eric Rasmussen with KTVU Channel 2 in San Francisco could still smell the tear gas emanating from the garage, when he and his cameraman arrived on the scene of a swat team raid Saturday night in Stockton, Ca. News footage shows the San Jose police, while inside an armored vehicle, firing off tear gas canisters into a house on McDougel Blvd. What’s all the commotion about?

30 members of a swat team, wearing gear fit for a Special Opts in Afghanistan, were trying to nab Hells Angel fugitive, Steve Ruiz and his girlfriend, Christel Renee Ferguson (or Christel Renee Trujillo), who’ve been on the lam since October 15th. But after breaking windows and tearing up this house, the biker was nowhere to be found.

Did the San Jose police get a bad tip or had Steve and Christel bailed out earlier on, once they realized the cops were right on their tails? Is somebody feeding the cops false information as a way to protect this Angel from the long arm of the law? This is the only conclusion you can come to when seeing their efforts foiled again.

We’ve seen this ‘faulty tip phenomenon’ before. We heard that Steve Ruiz had been killed almost immediately after he shot Steve Tausan at the Oak Hill Memorial Park Cemetery. It’s shocking how this scenario was totally off the mark! We’re beginning to see the contours of allegiance here. That is, who covered up the crime scene after Ruiz shoots Tausan? Why would Pro-Tausan Angels not protect the evidence of their fallen leader?

Who helped to secret Steve Ruiz out of Oak Hill? He must have had help, because he left his own motorcycle behind, possibly as a decoy. And didn’t witnesses see him taken away in a car? Does Ruiz have sympathizers who are glad Steve Tausan is gone? I ask that, because it seems as if someone is protecting him, or else he would have been captured by now. Does it seem that way to you too?

Hells Angel, Steve Ruiz and his girlfriend, Christal Ferguson, are still on the lam after a failed raid in Stockton, Ca. Who is looking out for the biker fugitive couple? (photo San Jose police)

With regards to Tausan’s shooting, couldn’t one make the case Ruiz shot him in self-defense? We know that another unidentified Hells Angel club member had beaten up Steve pretty badly, earlier on during the funeral for slain senior Angel, Jeffrey Jethro Pettigrew. Then Tausan goes down on Ruiz also. It’s not that hard to say Steve feared for his life, so he shoots Tausan before he totally wastes him.

And what’s the deal with news regarding The Hells Angels? Why are they thoroughly insulated from accurate reporting? The biker club keep their business very close to their vests. An example of how coveted their secrets truly are, is that ABC is just now reporting that The Angels planned on taking-out Mick Jagger after the Altamont breach between The Stones and HA.

This is news 42 years later after the dark event? I see the same pattern emerging with this current sequence of events, starting with the Pettigrew rumble in Sparks, Ne., continuing through the funeral shooting, and now reiterated at a fiasco-of-a-raid, by an army-like swat team up in Stockton, Ca. over the weekend. The truth of the matter is we still don’t know what really happened during any of these brouhahas.

Are The Angels like the CIA, where they can blanket smokescreens of fabricated information, deceive the police, trick news reporters, or fool anyone who might be a little curious about what they’re up to? That’s a rhetorical question, but of course! Why do we still not know what happened at the Altamont Speedway Free Festival on December 6, 1969? The answer is easy – The Angels know how to keep a secret. They don’t RAT!

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