Gallup Survey Shows US Leadership Reigns ‘Supreme’

A Gallup poll released Wednesday may not have put a smile on the faces of the left-leaning mainstream media, but it has done so for millions of Americans.

Gallup says their poll, focusing on international approval of leadership, shows that people throughout the world think U.S. leaders are the best.

The New York Times should take note.

Actually, it wasn’t all the world’s people because Russians did not have such a high opinion of American Leaders. But they didn’t think much of their own leaders, either.

Gallup produced a publication called “Rating World Leaders: What People Worldwide Think of the U.S., China, Russia, the EU and Germany.” For the past six years, the U.S. has topped the list, and our leadership came out on top, again. Sadly for Vladimir, Russia came in dead last overall in leadership approval.

I’m not sure why they split Germany out of the EU!

Gallup researchers interviewed 1,000 residents of 136 countries worldwide.

Bad For Russia

Gallup says, “Russia in 2014 earned the lowest approval ratings globally for the eighth consecutive year and posted the highest disapproval ratings it has received to date.”

Good For U.S.A.

At the opposite end of the scale, “U.S. leadership received the highest approval rating in the world, with the median 45 percent approval topping ratings of the leadership of the European Union, Germany, Russia and China, as it has most years since 2009.”

Russians Agree With Vladimir

Reporting on their interviews with Russians, Gallup said, “Russians and people in many of its former republics, chiefly Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, all felt much more negatively about the leadership of the U.S., the EU and Germany.”

Since the world has been picking on Russia over its dispute with Ukraine, Russian citizens’ disapproval of the U.S. almost doubled from where it was in 2013 (42 percent) to 2014 (82 percent). At the same time, they disapprove of EU leadership too, but they are even more down on the EU than the US. In 2013, 26 percent disapproved of the EU, but by 2014, 70 percent disapprove of the EU.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Love Russia?

The most obvious reason for the rest of the world’s disapproval of Russia is the Ukraine crisis. Thanks to the media, most people believe Russia is responsible for it all. That of course, ignores the fact that the US and EU have been working to pull Ukraine into their sphere of influence and further away from Russia.

Not surprisingly, Ukrainian approval of Russian leaders fell through the floor, dropping 42 percent between 2013 and 2014.

And Then There Is China

Gallup didn’t actually ask Chinese residents to rate their own country’s leadership or that of other countries “because of the sensitive nature of the question.”

The approval rating for the Chinese leadership was, at best, lukewarm. The “disapproval nearly the same as approval,” To absorb that answer, refer back to the statement about Russia’s dictatorial government.

Dwight L. Schwab Jr.

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