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FBI, a Bureau of Woke

Bureau of woke uniform

Woke and dystopia go together and it appears that the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has joined these ranks. The FBI that was seen as the premier federal crime-investigating body is now the Bureau of Woke.

Wikipedia explains ‘Woke’ as an English adjective originated in African-American vernacular English, meaning “alert to racial prejudice and discrimination.”

Wikipedia explains dystopia, from Ancient Greek δυσ- “bad, hard” and τόπος “place”; alternatively cacotopia, or simply anti-utopia, a community, or society, that is undesirable or frightening. Dystopia is often treated as an antonym of utopia, the latter is a term coined by Sir Thomas More, published in 1516, which created a blueprint for an ideal society with minimal crime, violence and poverty. The relationship between utopia and dystopia is in actuality not one simple opposition, as many utopian elements and components are found in dystopias as well, and vice versa.

Wokeism Inserts Itself Into Communities

In the English grammar, the word ‘woke‘ is the past tense and past participle of the word WAKE.

Before 2014, to most Americans the term “stay woke” was unheard of. It was, however, common within the black communities. Woke was a basic survival tactic, to be alert to people’s deceptions.

From 2008 onward, “woke” entered the mainstream arena without losing much of its originality, adding to it weaponization. It is used against anyone who shows concern or ‘lack’ of justice and racism.

Then, in August 9, 2014, with the killing of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri, “stay woke” became Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists’ instructive slogan, used to keep a watchful eye for police unjust tactics and brutality.

Since 2014, “woke” has evolved and has become rather inflammatory. One single word – WOKE – sums up Leftist political ideology which focuses on social justice politics and critical race theory (CRT). Woke is used by the Left to identify social and political progressiveness; the Right uses Woke to sarcastically denigrate the Left’s behavioral demeanor.

To some people, ‘Woke’ is the new term for Enlightenment. To these people it represents a new progressive ideas’ era. The Wokeists may even see themselves awakened by new ideas, value systems, and knowledge.

Nonetheless, many people on the Right are disillusioned with Wokeness because to them it is “political correctness,” upgraded form; many people on the Left are just as frustrated with Wokeness because it offers progressive idealism’ superficial trappings without doing the real work for which the term stands for, like changing the system for the “better.”

Bureau of woke uniform
Bureau of woke uniform

Wokeism Inculcated in the Gender Arena

Misgendering people’s pronouns over discrimination is new Woke battleground. Academia and institutions are now getting behind this Left’s craze.

The list of gender identity is growing and for now it includes, genderfluid, third-gender, amalgagender, demigender, bi-gender, pansgender, and a-gender. Go figure all these terms in your free time.

For now pronouns include, He/She, Her/Hers, They/Them, Ze/Hir, Ze/Zir, Spivak, Ve, Xe. Has the world gone loopy?

People can call themselves whatever they like but that does not mean that they can impose on all of us their out of bounds weirdness.

There is an old allegory about all of this, it is called the “emperor’s new clothes.” It took someone with the courage of a young boy to say it as it is.

How Far Misgendering and Wokeness Go?

In Ohio, a university professor was awarded $400,000 after he sued his employers over their policy demanding that he refer to students by their “preferred” pronouns.

In 2018, Professor Nick Meriwether was punished by Shawnee State University after he refused to refer to a male student who claimed to be “transgender” with female pronouns. Meriwether was willing to address the transgender female by “her” proper name, but the administration demanded that he goes along with the misgendering ideology which he simply could not do. It ended up that the court ruled the Professor cannot be forced to endorse an ideology that is against his beliefs.

After more than two years of COVID unscientific and hysterical school protocols, the Leftist-progressive educators found a new avenue to torment kids. They switched their focus on pushing on innocently captive young audiences bizarre, confusing and dangerous to child’s development Woke curricula. However, this indoctrination path is backfiring just as BLM has backfired.

Under threat of Woke school curricula, parents are fighting back, pulling out their kids from Left-wing public schools indoctrination, at an increasing rate. This phenomenon will probably worsen in the country’s most Leftist-progressive cities where education is nearing a failure.

Wokeist Disney

Disney Corporation, the face of America’s theme parks has gone Woke; Disney, its almost religious theme was to preserve and protect the innocence of our children while teaching them healthy values to help them grow up into well-adjusted adults, has lost $50 billion of its value overnight because it decided to be what Americans do not want to be part of, or their children to know or emulate, to be Woke. What Disney has done because of its lack of self-awareness and being so out of touch with the real world, it has just stormed out of its own theme park in Florida and its headquarters in California, to have outed itself as a mob of child predators’ groomers determined to sexualize five-year-olds through its content and political action.

As we read in American Faith, Disney “is now run and staffed by sexual degenerates who will not stop until every single American child has been traumatized into one of them: an unhappy, neurotic, damaged, shallow, bullying, narcissistic freak whose sole identity is defined by their sex life.” And the Floridians spoke up and revoked the corporate welfare and sweetheart deals Disney enjoyed for half a century; “no longer can Disney use millions of dollars that should go to taxpayers to defile our children.”

Just like the damage done to sleepwalking, terror trend Wokeists at Disney, Wokeist Twitter’s stock dropped from $70 a share in July of 2021 to $33 per share in February 2022. Wokeist Netflix’s stock price has fallen from $671 to $215. As for CNN, its CNN+ cable channel closed the doors before most of America knew it exists. All these and their likes indicate to us all that God STILL has love for his children, Us, We, the People.

Steele Dossier and the FBI

Early 2017 the ‘Steele dossier’ was revealed. The Steele dossier, put together by a former British intelligence official, named Christopher Steele, for a consulting firm hired by Democrats, included a lot of accusations about Trump. It claimed that for years Russia had cultivated Trump as a target and that the Russians were likely blackmailing him. More so, the dossier alleged that the Trump campaign was also conspiring with Russia in the 2016 election to damage the Democrats’ nominee Hillary Clinton. This dossier was misused by FBI agents to surveil – spy on – a U.S. citizen, Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump denied the dossier’s accusations to no avail; they hindered him all through his four years of presidency.

Five years later, this controversial, now infamous, political opposition research report of misconduct, conspiracy, and cooperation allegations between Donald Trump presidential campaign and the government of Russia prior to and during Mr. Trump’s election campaign has been discredited as deeply flawed and largely unverified.

In the recent revelation about the “Russia, Russia collusion” allegation against Donald Trump, the 45th president of the USA, John Durham, Special Counsel for the United States Department of Justice, has reported that these allegations were all falsified and manufactured.

Consequently, the American public has lost trust in the FBI’s unethical conduct in this messy dossier of lies and deception.

In light of this report, the FBI involvement in lying to the public that has tarnished its reputation, the Bureau is conducting community outreach meetings.

I was invited to attend one such meeting. The public welcomes the FBI’s outreach approach. After all, the FBI should know what the public thinks and according to which it can make amends to its conduct.

From Bad to Worse, Woke-Misgendering FBI

After the outreach meeting which I attended, I received an e-mail-letter from the FBI’s office of “Public and Congressional Affairs, Community Outreach & Diversity & Inclusion,” thanking me for attending the meeting. The letter was most welcomed, however, what was in it was shocking. Next to the coordinator’s signature, carrying a woman’s name, in parenthesis I read: “(She/her/hers).” Alarmed as I was, I called this particular FBI office and requested an explanation. I was told that among the FBI’s officers there are those who cannot identify their gender. Oh, my! In other words, the FBI has gone Woke. From helping to perpetrate a falsified dossier against a president to now taking on Wokeness.

Wokeness among the FBI’s ranks is very alarming to me personally and to many Americans. To most Americans Wokeness is a Martian term, the least to say; they do not approve of it though it appears to be forcefully shoved into the American present ethos.

The FBI’s work is to investigate crime and keep the public safe. Wokeness is out of the FBI’s activities’ parameters. Keep it that way.

Wokeness Toxicity

We must admit that Woke is a violation of human nature. Once a person escapes the media’s toxic echo chamber and spends sometime in the real world with real people, he or she will have a unique revelation: Americans of all stripes just want to be entertained, not shove in their faces weirdness. People whose entire identity is based on what they do with their sex organs is, slimy, obnoxious and irritating. More so, you better leave the American people’s children out of this creepiness.

Wokeness hates the ordinary person. Woke plus its Left-wing propaganda that spreads conspiracy theories and political violence is an insult to the American ethos and culture. Wokeness is a social mirage based on lies and bullying.

Does it all mean to imply that the Wokeists have never been awake? They have been slumbering and thus are disconnected and unaware of the world around them?

It appears that the Woke madness of gay, transsexual, white guilt, environmental hectoring delivered by self-righteous characters is at long last getting a tidal wave of push back, what the Wokeists in fact deserve and what has been coming to these in your face so very unAmericans.

The FBI is an American institute. Like the Disney theme parks it is one of the faces of America that We, the People, put trust in. In the past few years the FBI’s conduct has caused this institute to lose the trust of the American people. Does the FBI want its reputation further diminish with its adopting of the Woke queer craze?

The Theatrical of the Absurd

A person can have his or her own self perspective all one wants. However, no one should or can expect people to take part in such self-perspective charade theatrical production.

This is America. You cannot appropriate a woman’s womanhood or man’s manhood and basically turn it into a costume that can be worn. Ultimately, our trendily Leftist corporate oligarchy and institutions’ heads may find out that embracing Wokeism radicalism could threaten their status; Disney is the first example but not the last.

With the eroding public trust in the FBI, does this institution want trust eroded further and thus lose more of its status?

So, FBI, bureau of woke, this ‘inclusive language’ fetish has no real function but to confuse the population and create weird thoughts in people’s minds.

We, the People, demand that the FBI do their job well which is to stop crime and make America safe; also, the FBI’s choice to be part of the Woke and Wokeism madness must cease as part of this institution’s current and future policy.

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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