Drag Is Blackface Against Women

Many public figures have been cancelled or called out for blackface displays in their past or for defending blackface. The ridicule of black persons with minstrel shows and blackface is a shameful and regrettable part of the US’ past that should never be revived.

But, drag shows – which are especially prominent during “Pride” month (nee “Gay Pride” month) – are nothing but blackface against women. Yes you read that correctly. Ridiculing a women’s anatomy, mannerisms and style of dress is womanface. “Aren’t women hilarious with their boobs and butts and hairdos and eyelashes and clothes and the way they walk; let’s mimic them,” these shows unabashedly transmit. Falsies and spike heels and wigs and updos are just so funny!

The “woke” crowd is offended by everything today – they are “emotional hemophiliacs” says comedian Dennis Miller – but think drag shows are just fine. Why? Because the LGBT lobby has somehow succeeded in positioning gender-confused people as the ultimate “victims” with women now yesterday’s victims. Men do not usually get sexually abused and attacked by partners and criminals; they do not get ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancers or unwanted pregnancies. Yet somehow they have become today’s uber “vics” – given free rein to ridicule women all they want.

drag is blackface against women. NewsBlaze Cartoon by Martha Rosenberg
Drag is blackface against women. NewsBlaze Cartoon by Martha Rosenberg

It’s The DNA Stupid

But wait! What about men who are “transitioning” to be women? They are “part” women and on their way to being real women, right? Give it up dudes! No amount of surgery or hormones or makeup or hair styling will change your DNA. And, if you are listening, Bruce Jenner, fancy clothes, jewelry and perfume may have put you on the cover of Vogue but you are not a woman and never will be. In fact you and others like you are an affront to real women.


As a woman – defined by my female DNA – I and the others of my gender am mocked and degraded every time a man impersonates a woman for fun, entertainment or money. (We won’t even talk about when children see the shows or men invading women’s sports.) Anyone who is appalled at blackface should ask why mocking women’s “peculiar” differences is any different and somehow okay. Drag ridicules women’s differences in build and physique, their voices, their traits and overall behavior – and nothing else.

Attention Men Who Think They Can Be Women

A surgically created “vagina” is high maintenance. After expensive surgeries many men who think they can change into women develop fistulas – abnormal connections between two body parts – that can cause urine dribbling or leaking. They can also develop urethral strictures that can lead to kidney damage. Fun.

When men who think they can change into women receive surgically-created “vaginas” they have two choices, though. They can douche and dilate their “vaginas” regularly to keep them realistic and operational or they can have their surgeons use tissue from their colons to fashion a “vagina,” according to an article in Epoch Times.

With a “vagina” created from colon tissue, these men don’t have to douche and dilate regularly but they are at greater risk for bowel-related diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, arterio-venous malformations (abnormal, snarled tangles of blood vessels that cause multiple irregular connections between arteries and veins) and neoplasms, including squamous cell, basal cell and melanoma cancers. More fun.

Women’s Rights

The Women’s Rights Movement has been struggling to make headway for almost 175 years. But now we’re expected to just stop all that and hand all women’s rights over to men who think they are women.

Some people seem to think that’s OK, but athletes Riley Gaines, Suzie Kennedy, and Madison Kenyon, among others didn’t think that was right. So they spoke out about it, and they were viciously attacked for speaking out. But we stand with these young women and against all comers who think they can trample women in the name of the latest mindless craze.

Athletes weren’t the only ones. J.K. Rowling, Jordan Peterson, Jimmy Dore and many others took a stand for women. For their trouble, they were also viciously attacked and those who spoke out on YouTube had their videos removed. We stand with them, too.

In fact, we’re standing together against the tyranny of people who think they hold all the power. Tyrants may hold sway for a time, but they always lose in the end.

Finally A Word For Media Outlets

Question: Just because a man says he is a woman why do you ipso facto refer to him as “she” – because he said so? If I say that I “identify” as a King will you refer to me as “his Majesty” because I said so? I think not.

What ever happened to fact checking and accurate reporting – or are newsrooms terrorized by woke bullies? And by the way, news writers, “people” do not have babies, breastfeed or menstruate; gender is not “assigned” at birth. All this doublespeak is why drag shows are not seen for what they are: blackface against women – womanface.

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Bureau of woke uniform
Martha Rosenberg

Martha Rosenberg is the Investigative Health Correspondent for NewsBlaze. Martha illustrates many of her stories with relevant cartoons. She was staff cartoonist at Evanston Roundtable.