Dr. Chavady Prays for Mercy and Peace of Darfur

Ban Ki-moon believed that missions of neither mercy nor peace can help alleviate the suffering the people of Darfur are enduring. “Let us not dwell on what has been lost in Darfur”, said the United Nations Secretary, “but call upon all parties to immediately focus on what can be achieved by ending the hostilities, protecting civilians and coming to the negotiating table in good faith to secure the peace the Darfurians desperately need now.”

However, four million people there are still being attacked and persecuted at the hands of armed forces and several other groups. So far this year, 100,000 innocents have been forced to leave Darfur — even women and children that were the subject of target and abuse. Since 2004, the international community has already put in $3 billion for missions of both mercy and recovery in hopes of peace.

So, Dr. Joseph Chavady asks for prayer requests of protection and provision for the people of Darfur, as well as God’s wisdom for the leaders responsible for the peace talks.

“Maybe it is time to acknowledge that the Darfur situation takes more than money” he said. “It requires unselfishness, a listening heart and lots of good will — in other words, it requires changed lives and these come only through the work of God in people’s heart and through prayer. Please pray for the UN Secretary and all those who are involved in settling the Darfur crisis. Pray that all parties will have compassion for the millions who are suffering extreme hardship in this war torn country.”

Source: Christian Newswire

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