Do Black People Want To Put Whites In Slavery ?

With this article I wanted to open up a public discussion that until now has only been whispered about in the homes of blacks and whites.

REVENGE – if black people had their way would they put white people in slavery to pay them back for the 400 + years of slavery they inflicted on blacks here in America? And for the countless civil and criminal injustices they have faced decade after decade after decade.

What Is Your Motivation?

Is that the ultimate goal for black people, to get revenge for the suffering they have endured at the hands of whites in America? To see white people suffer and be enslaved, both socially and financially for all eternity? To take America and literally re-name it Black America – re-established to be a land that only accommodates black people? To inflict the same brutal physical and mental torture on whites that they have inflicted on blacks during their time in this country?

Is payback the silent motivating force of black America, and is the fear of this the driving force for white America to continue to oppress them?

Can the basic teachings of religions, which is forgiveness, really exist between whites and blacks, or is forgiveness only an emotion we feel when our hands are tied?

The whole world wants to know, have blacks really forgiven whites for slavery or are their smiles hiding a hatred that is now genetic? Are they patiently waiting and even praying for the time when they can pay whites back for all they have done to them?

Hypothetically, if blacks had nothing else to live for here in America and united in a race war against whites “and won” would they enslave whites? Would they put them all in ghettos and use the resources of the governmental systems to punish them in every way imaginable?

Ferguson - rebelling against white slavery.
Ferguson: escaping oppression?

Would Blacks Put Whites In Slavery?

Just what would black people do to white people if they had the opportunity?

Would they put whites in slavery if they could?

That is a question that lingers in the minds of every white person in America – racist or not. Although most blacks profess to be loving Christians, everyone knows that revenge is natural when you feel you have been wronged. And because of that, blacks will never be trusted, and they will never be free from oppression. Because they must never get the upper hand over white people here in America or anywhere else where racism exists.

Rodney King once said, “Can we all just get along?” Not when the hope and fear of revenge is lingering in the back of all our minds. Because although people may want to genuinely forgive and move on, the threat of payback is just too intense to trust that blacks can do that after all they have suffered.

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
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