The Disenfranchised Jews of the Jewish State, Israel

This is the current reality, since 1948, of the Israeli-Jews living in Israel, who make up the Jewish population of the Jewish state. They are disenfranchised because they are Jews.

Disenfranchised means deprived of a right or privilege, or of the rights and privileges of a free inhabitant of a borough, city, or country.

For centuries – over 1000 years – Jews lived in Poland, in Eastern Europe. On the eve of Nazi Germany’s occupation of Poland, in 1939, 3.3 million Jews lived in that country. At the end of World War Two, approximately 380,000 Polish Jews – 1 Jew out of every 10 – remained alive; the rest were murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators, mostly in the ghettos and the six death camps the Nazis set up to systematically exterminate all the Jews: Chelmo, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau.

In Spain and Portugal after the infamous 1492 Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Jews who did not succumb to the cruelly enforced conversion to Christianity were forced to leave those countries and had to settle in other countries that allowed them entry. The Jews gained the name ‘The vagabond Jew’.

Jews who lived all over Europe – eastern and western parts – because they were Jews they were the underdog and/or disenfranchised, heavily dependent on the host country. In some cases they were kicked out of the host country and were forced to find another host country that would open the door for them and allow them to dwell there.

In some cases Jews were invited to return; for example the case of England from where the local Jews were expelled in 1290 and their formal return was in 1655. In a more recent case Spain Portugal re-invited the descendants of Spanish Jews who were kicked out in 1493 to apply for citizenship in those countries.

During those hundreds of years of exile from their homeland, Israel, in most places where they set foot Jews were persecuted and murdered because they were Jews and of course they were unable to defend themselves.

Since 1948, Jews have a sovereign country, Israel. The Jews are the proprietors of the land of that country to which they have territorial integrity. They also have a strong army to defend themselves. Yet, the Jews in Israel are constantly persecuted and murdered by Arabs, mostly Arabs from the population Israel “gained” as the result of the 1967 Six Day War victory in which the Jews liberated the occupied by Jordan Judea and Samaria. These Arabs are squatters, residing on land to which Israel has jurisprudence, historical and biblical rights, along with huge concessions the Jews have made to them.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) Is a Neo-Nazi Enterprise

For years it has been obvious to any realistic person what the Jews seemed to be unable to say it out loud and clear and take the appropriate measures to eradicate this ongoing phenomenon, which is the main lead to the murder of Jews in Israel: The Palestinian Authority (PA), established as a result of the Oslo Accords, is a neo-Nazi entity and it is anti-Semitic to the core.

The Arabs in Israel can now be seen the equal to the Jew haters and Nazis of Europe.

The 7 Jews murdered in Jerusalem on January 27, 2023, among them a young boy. Disenfranchised Jews. - Screenshot
The 7 Jews murdered in Jerusalem on January 27, 2023, among them a young boy – Screenshot

One Other Horrific Murder of Jews in Jerusalem

January 27, 2023 was a sad Friday in Israel; seven Jews were murdered, 10 injured, by a young Arab Jew-hater terrorist, indoctrinated to kill Jews. This terror attack is heart-wrenching.

I repeat, for centuries the Jews of Europe, the largest population of Jews in the world, were persecuted and murdered because they were JEWS; and so, they finally got their land back, a sovereign country with a border and an army to protect it and them.

Those Jews who remained alive after the Holocaust, those Jews who were expelled from the Arab and Muslim countries, and those Jews who decided that the Jewish state was and is the safest refuge for them arrived, and they are constantly arriving in their homeland, Israel. But then the government of Israel failed them.

The hasty, myopic, and ill-thinking governments of Israel decided that there should be the Oslo Accords, that there should be a “Palestine” in the heart of Israel, that they must appease the Arabs, and make huge concessions to them, to these very same Arabs who, since 1967, have been teaching their younger generations to hate Jews and kill them and be compensated for every Jew they murder. The results, hundreds of Jews have been murdered and maimed. They go by the name, “victims of terror.”

The consequence of all this behavior is that Jews are persecuted and murdered in their homeland, Israel, because they are JEWS.

Here, CNN, a USA global media, published in an article from January 2023, in it an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting the Jewish Passover holiday unleavened bread bread-Maza soaked with blood of non-Jews, who are sandwiched in between the two layers, borrowing such libel from centuries of anti-Semitic blood libels, associating the holiday of Passover with Jews benefiting from the shedding of blood of non-Jews-courtesy CAMERA/
Here, CNN, a USA global media, published in an article from January 2023, in it an anti-Semitic cartoon depicting the Jewish Passover holiday unleavened bread bread-Maza soaked with blood of non-Jews, who are sandwiched in between the two layers, borrowing such libel from centuries of anti-Semitic blood libels, associating the holiday of Passover with Jews benefiting from the shedding of blood of non-Jews-courtesy CAMERA/

In recent decades, in the United States and Europe, Jews have been harassed, attacked and murdered, some even in their houses of faith because they are/were JEWS. In those countries, Antisemitism is on the rise and is becoming rather prevalent. Jewish students are constantly harassed and bullied, and pejorative anti-Semitic jargon is thrown at them on campuses where they study, because they are JEWS. Likewise, Israel is also constantly the center of discrimination and attacks.

No Difference Between Pre-Holocaust Europe and Israel Today

Sadly, the same brutality and anti-Semitic conduct against Jews takes place in the Jews’ homeland Israel, by the Arab population in Israel and its surroundings.

Therefore, we must now be honest and as honest as we can be. There is no difference between Europe, where, for centuries, Jews were persecuted and murdered for being Jews and what has been taking place in the Jewish state, Israel. Since 1948, but more prevalent and intense since the Oslo Accords were signed, and since the first intifada was launched by the Arabs on the Jews in Israel, in December 8, 1987 – September 13, 1993, Jews are persecuted and murdered in their homeland for being JEWS.

Arabs Test the Resolve of Israel’s New Government

Israelis recently elected a new, politically right-wing government and the Arabs are testing its governance and terrorist deterrence ability.

A gruesome terror attack took place during International Holocaust Day, January 27, also it was on the eve of Shabbat, the Jews’ holiest day of the week, outside a synagogue, the Jewish faith house, in Neve Yaakov, Jerusalem. Also the following day, on Shabbat morning an Arab teenage terrorist attacked Jewish civilians passing by.

It is worthwhile mentioning here that the political left in Israel could care less about their murdered brothers and sisters. All they are occupied with is protesting against the most welcome plan to reform Israel’s tyrannical justice system. The reason is, the political left in Israel has lost its power and the politically left-leaning High Court is their last fortress to defend and protect their skewed and anti-Israel agenda.

While they were counting the dead in Jerusalem, Israel’s political left and its followers stood in the streets in protest. They demonstrated that they are disconnected from reality and have lost the last remnants of mutual guarantee sentiment. They have no shame.

Redemption And Remedy

So here are my thoughts and some suggested solutions after the recent murder of seven innocent Jews in Jerusalem, the deadliest terrorist attack Israel has seen in years.

To fight and deter Arab terrorism and exact a real price from terrorist[s] who performed terror, their family[ies] and their supporters, the government of Israel must implement a rapid, tough, defined and effective punishing response to this last one and any other terror attack when it happens.

Cancel the benefits of Arabs who received the privilege to live in Jerusalem, i.e. child allowances, social security benefits. Also, I strongly suggest stripping them of their Israeli permanent resident ID card.

Confiscate and even burn the Palestinian Authority (PA) school books where kids learn to hate and murder Jews and become a false hero, a shahid, a Muslim martyr.

The governance body and the rule of law of the entire city of Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria must be by the government of Israel only. No other segregating body that deprives some 700,000 Jews who live in Judea and Samaria the same rights that those who are protesting in Tel Aviv have.

After a terror attack, the terrorist’s home must be sealed and demolished, down to the last brick, within 48 hours after the terrorist’s home has been identified. This must become the law of the land and the High Court cannot interfere or rule against such action as it has been doing.

Israel’s army is by the people for the people. Most Israelis, men and women, know how to use a gun. After this last terror attack, Israeli police began urging Israeli gun owners to carry their weapons all the time and everywhere. More so, the government of Israel must add thousands of gun-carrying citizens through an expedited and expanded firearms training and licensing process.

Consider capital punishment for a terrorist who was caught alive. Death sentence should have been the punishment for a terrorist long ago. This would save millions of dollars that are now spent on keeping these murderers locked up in jail for one or multiple life sentences.

My Petition

After the terrorist who carried out the massacre in Neve Yaakov was identified, during the first investigation it was revealed that he wrote: “Who said we want peace? We want endless war. You can retreat to avoid war, but don’t retreat an inch if fighting has begun. A right sniper in the right place is better than a thousand soldiers on the battlefield.”

That is what these Arabs, turned terrorists, learn from the day they were born and their mouths uttered their first sound. Endless war, murder the Jews; the more the better.

So why does Israel keep on playing the façade game of yearning for “peace”? There will never be peace, NEVER! Israel must be courageous and find the way to get these Arabs OUT of the land of the Jews; OUT! There is Jordan close by, to where they can be expelled and there they can play terrorism all they want and as they like.

The Oslo Accords must be torn to pieces and become null and void.

A NEW policy that protects the Jews in the land of Israel, the NUMBER ONE duty of the government, must be finally enacted and implemented, and must work. Fear of terror in the entire Jewish population is not an option.

ONLY if and when the Jews in Israel start behaving as the proprietors of their land – the land of Israel, not as the disenfranchised Jews, the like of the European Jews prior to WWII, will that situation finally come to an end.

Because for 2000 years Jews yearned to return to their land, Israel. They finally returned and now there is no way back. There is no longer a place on earth for Jews to drift and run away to. The land of Israel is the last stop and the terminal where the road ends. Therefore, Israel must be, first and foremost, the most secure and safe place on earth for Jews. Jews have no other place to run away to, lest history is to repeat itself and end the Jewish nation.

Nurit Greenger

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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