Deplorable Patriots Drain Polluted Political Swamp!

An oft-quoted theme in American politics is that “You cannot Fool ALL the people ALL the time!,” a brag that was reaffirmed on November 8, 2016, when nearly 60 million patriots refused to turn over the reigns of self-government to a congenital liar and notoriously corrupt criminal, a truly despicable politician who most voters recognize as completely untrustworthy!

Indeed, after surviving eight years of dictatorial oppression from a Marxist president who willfully ignored and compromised the rule of law, the American people shouted, “Enough is enough!” and soundly rejected the flawed Democrat candidate who promised to enthusiastically continue Barack Obama’s bitter assault on the US Constitution, the rule of law, and American values and culture.

Hillary Clinton’s support for the unabridged continuation of the failed policies of the Obama era were boosted by a fairly obvious conspiracy between biased mainstream media and political menaces on the left who euphemistically refer to themselves as “progressives.”

This wicked collaboration sought to denigrate, besmirch, and distort candidates and policies suspected of being Republican or conservative with unfounded pejoratives like “racist” “sexist” and “extremist,” all intended to distract attention from the immoral, corrupt resume of Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, the grand scheme by the political left and mainstream media almost succeeded in stealing the presidency from patriotic, God-fearing Americans! Going into election day, it appeared as though Hillary Clinton might be able to ride a wave of lies and hatred toward Donald Trump into the keys to the Oval Office and the eventual destruction of America.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence thank America.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence thank America.

Then, a political miracle of epic proportions ensued: Divine Intervention came to the rescue and millions of voters proved once again the wisdom and truth behind the old American adage, “You cannot Fool all the people all the time!”

Just like that, America was salvaged and the good and decent values of the American people were protected from the ravages of liberal corruption – for at least another four years!

Praise be to the all-powerful and wise creator!

John Lillpop

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal. It was 1992 when he last voted for a Democrat. That is when he woke up to the democrats and progressives. Pray for John, because he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people think Nancy Pelosi is actually normal.