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Crossfire War – Tehran’s Financial Agent in N. Caucasus Killed

Crossfire War – MOSCOW WATCH – North Caucasus – Caspian Theatre: Moscow – Makhachkala/Tehran; Iran Chief Representative – Financier in N. Caucasus Eliminated By Russian Federal Security Service in Special Operation in Dagestan

Night Watch: KHASAVYURT – RIA reports that Tehran-Riyadh’s most prominent financial agent in the North Caucasus was liquidated by a special operation of the Russian Federal Security Services in Dagestan, along with four of his aides. Abu Havs, of Saudi Arabia and member of Al Qaeda, had long been engaged in financing Islamic groups and criminal organizations Tehran-Riyadh used in their attempt to control the Caucasus – Caspian region and its vast resources. This is the exact same kind of network Tehran-Riyadh has incorporated in the former Yugoslavia. [RIA]

Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen Premier stated, “This morning, Abu Havs, who had been the purse of Wahhabi, was killed in the Republic of Dagestan. Abu Havs financed the activity of illegal armed formations and paid for terrorist attacks, and also allocated money for Wahhabis activities in the North Caucasus.” Kadyrov added there were approximately 100-150 Islamic-criminal mercenaries still remaining in the North Caucasus.

Tehran has had so many reverses in this theater during the year they have shifted their focus closer to home in the South Caucasus with their official support of Tbilisi in its military standoff with Moscow. Tehran is desperately hoping Georgia can defeat Russia as Chechnya did 10 years ago. But despite Georgia being more heavily armed than the Chechens or groups in Dagestan, Russia is now better led and more seriously organized under President Vladimir Putin.

Moscow has been indicating all year they will be completely prepared to respond to security threats to their south in 2007 and they know the threats are controlled by Tehran with the full blessing of the House of Saud, the center of Wahhabism, the most extreme branch of Islam. Riyadh’s active support of Wahhabism is why the House of Saud is referred to as the Taliban with money. The disciples of Wahhabism are the most hateful of any society that is not Islamic.


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