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Crossfire War – Special Iran Envoy of Khamenei Arrives in Moscow Feb. 8

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Crossfire War – Moscow – Tehran Watch – South Caucasus Theatre: Moscow/Tehran; Special Iranian Envoy of Ayatollah Khamenei Arrives in Moscow Feb. 8 – War of Understanding – Industrial Cooperation Suspended for a Year Until War’s End – Bushehr Project Still Suspended

Night Watch: MOSCOW – RIA reports a Special Envoy of Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei will arrive in Moscow tomorrow, February 8. He is Ali Akbar Yelayati, a former Foreign Minister and member of Tehran’s highest foreign affairs decision making body, the Foreign Relations Strategic Council, headed by Kamal Kharrazi also an ex-Foreign Minister. They report directly to Ayatollah Khamenei to keep him informed of the latest international developments and no theatre of war is more important to Tehran than the one just to their north, the South Caucasus.

Iran knows Russia is preparing to attack Tehran’s latest military Axis partner there, Georgia to end the military standoff and that it’s quite possible Azerbaijan could also be attacked since it has been cooperting militarily with Iran. Yelayati will hold most of his meetings with Russia Security Council Secretary Igor Ivanov. [RIA]

Yelayati’s arrival is Tehran’s acknowledgement that Moscow will eventually be the main winner of the war yet not the main target of Tehran’s offensive foreign policy since Iran does not hate Russia nearly as much as Tehran hates the West and India. The West has a long history of trying to control Western Asia (Middle East) and India has maintained an oppressive hold over Kashmir and still is a major threat to Pakistan. If both the West-India are defeated it would be easier for Iran and the region to continue their economic development and in close cooperation with Russia.

But Tehran has got to find out as much detail as possible as to the extent of Moscow’s attacks and especially the industrial arrangements after the war in which the two countries could merge a lot of their economies as well as their foreign policies after hostilities are over. I suspect Tehran will re-introduce Moscow to not only West Asia but also to North and Northeast Africa. That is why Yelayati will also be meeting , not only Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, but more importantly the head of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yevgeny Primakov, who is also an expert on West Asia.


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