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Crossfire War – Saudi King Abdullah Declares Occupation of Iraq Illegal

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Crossfire War – RIYADH WATCH – West Asia Theatre: Riyadh – Tehran – Damascus – Doha/Cairo – London – Washington; King Abdullah Declares U. S. Led Occupation of Iraq Illegal – Washington Asks for Clarification

Night Watch: RIYADH – Xinhua reports U. S. Undersecretary of State Nicholas Burns said obviously the U.S. will seek clarification over Saudi Arabia King Abdullah’s speech at the opening of the Arab summit in Riyadh, that the U.S. led occupation of Iraq is illegal. After seventy years of close economic cooperation between Saudi Arabia/U.S. Washington has been taking the House of Saud’s support for anything Washington does in the region for granted. [XINHUA]

But no Islamic government, in or out of West Asia (Middle East) wanted to see an Islamic country occupied again by the West. The diplomatic masques are coming off. Established analysts in the State and Defense Department have been ignoring the 50-60 CSS-2 missiles the House of Saud purchased from Beijing in the mid-1980s. The missile has a 2,500 mile (4,000 km) range and they are not meant for Iran or Israel but for the Jihad’s main targets. The West-Russia-India, which is why Beijing was eager to sell them, since they are three of Beijing’s rivals. The missiles were purchased secretly. Reuters mentioned the sale on Feb. 15, 2004 and Proceedings Magazine of the U. S. Naval Institute discussed them in an article on missile sales to the Middle East, I believe in the late 1990s.

It is the House of Saud following the dictates of their religion. Attacks against the occupation of Iraq are about to increase. It is no coincidence King Abdullah made his statement less than a week after 15 British sailors-marines were taken by Iran. Tehran-Riyadh have been operating in tandem.


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