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Crossfire War: Reports of Al Qaeda (Tehran) Bases in Northern Lebanon


Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Middle East Theatre: Beirut – Sidon – Tehran – Damascus; Reports of Al Qaeda (Tehran) Bases in Northern Lebanon

Night Watch: BEIRUT – Lebanon Interior Minister Ahmad Fatfat is taking seriously reports of al-Qaeda (Tehran) having established militant bases in Sidon and northern Lebanon. His concerns and those in security and diplomatic circles are based on a wave of bombings last year in Beirut and the conutry’s south along with the arrests of extremists who confess to be part of al Qaeda, the vanguard of Tehran’s foreign policy. I suspect these bases will be used to increase attacks against Israel. The fighters based here were mostly in Iraq as part of the insurgency there and I suspect are now being instructed to prepare for another front. Israel is also aware of these latest developments and is not going to sit back and wait for these bases to become more active and therefore more of a threat. [Asharq al Awsat]

Information has also been mentioning the activation of Islamic leader Ahmad Abu Adas who appeared on a video claiming responsibility for the assassination, a year ago, of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. Regular readers of crossfirewar.com know that I have always stated it was Tehran who had Hariri removed because he had begun to work with the West, which is why his killing summoned the French President to Beirut. Obviously Ahmad Abu Adas is one of Tehran’s agents.

Outdated experts are ignoring these intelligence reports of Iran’s new presence in Lebanon and working directly with Damascus. The ignorance of these experts is not surprising since they were conditioned and programmed by institutions who act as if it is still 1946 or ’56. They are completely in the dark and deservedly so. When Israel launches a pre-emptive strike, as she did in June 1967, these experts will blame Israel for the enlarged war and continue to dream of striking a deal with Tehran in a frightened attempt to avoid facing the Islamic fundamentalism the West unleashed by having Khomeini in exile in a Paris suburb and provided him with the communication assistance he needed in order to become the leader of the revolt against the Shah of Iran.

They also believe press conferences/propaganda are an effective weapon against Tehran as recommended by the author Ilan Berman in his book Tehran Rising. He is the a member of the blink tank American Foreign Policy Council based in Washington and reflects the unreality of decision making level that believes Bin Laden can arrange flight school training.

Tehran knows that with these new bases and Israel’s response inflaming the region even more, the whirlwind crises will be a further embarrassment to the lost alliance of London-Washington as their economic occupation plans continue to go up in smoke.

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