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Crossfire War – Kosovo – ‘Supervised Independence’ Condemned by Belgrade

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Crossfire War – BELGRADE WATCH – Southeast Europe Theatre: Belgrade – Tehran – Athens/Vienna – Brussels; Diplomatic Rhetoric in the Balkans Intensifying – “Supervised Independence” Concept Condemned by Serbia PM Kostunica

Night Watch: BELGRADE – “The Vienna talks resemble a badly directed theatre show in which Serbia doesn’t accept a role of marginal player.” That was the excellent quote by Serbia Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica in registering his contempt and hatred for the eight rounds of dead end negotiations orchestrated by Vienna, conducted by the UN Special Envoy Martti Ahtisaari, who stupidly set the tone for the negotiations by saying the Serbs were “guilty as a people” for Serbia’s policies in Kosovo, as if the entire population is consulted on policy issues. It reminds me of an infamous quote of German Kaiser Wilhelm II before the First World War who admitted that he didn’t know why but he just hated Slavs. Ahtisasri, being from Northern Europe, may also possess the same prejudice. [AKI]

Kostunica continued, “No one in Belgrade has seen Ahtisaari in the past half a year and he’s now talking about completed negotiations, on the basis of which he will make his proposal. It is not clear at all how and with whom he has negotiated, and how he arrived at this proposal.” AKI says the Vienna daily Press reported Thursday that Ahtisaari on January 26 will submit his proposal for Kosovo’s future to the six nations out of Contact with reality Group for Kosovo: Germany, Russia, Britain, France, Italy and the U. S. In his self-delusion musings, based on imaginary influence, Ahtisaari has devised a concept of “supervised independence” for the Albanians in Kosovo who have insisted on full statehood while Belgrade offers them a continuation of their current status of autonomy.

At best this idea can be called a policy of condescending benign ignorance. Somewhat similar to the “deus ex machina” of ancient Greek theatre, when a deity is brought in by stage machinery to intervene and solve all problems. That is the role the EU-NATO has assumed with suspicious eagerness since 1991, in the name of their New World Order production and their recognition of the divided republics within Yugoslavia as independent states, the same demand the Albanians in Kosovo are demanding. After all, Croatia’s twisted borders were recognized, so why not Kosovo? It has resulted in a pandemonium production instead called Old World Chaos – Descent into the Abyss of ethni-religious nationalistic identity and divisions. Modern day Greece signed a security agreement with Serbia last year. It is further proof that the division of Yugoslavia divided more than Yugoslavia. Southeast Europe is opposed to the rest of Europe and all of them have excellent relations with Iran.

Either Kosovo solution-situation suits Tehran’s purpose of wanting to see the war resume in this theatre which will enable Tehran to silence Vienna and destroy the UN agency there that has been investigating Iran’s nuclear weapons program. At the same time fighting in the Balkans will restrict Brussels – NATO to the area and reduce their potential presence on other fronts like the Mediterranean, in support of UNIFIL and the Caucasus-Caspian region in support of Moscow. That is the reason Tehran signed a security agreement with Belgrade last year. [AKI]

NATO is about to be at war with itself. Its defeat began when it recognized the ridiculous division of Yugoslavia, which I suspect it encouraged behind the scenes. In 1990 CNN showed a meeting, somewhere in Europe, between military representatives of NATO-Warsaw Pact countries announcing, laughingly, they were going to merge their military commands, but they wouldn’t say how they were going to do it. Moscow wisely exited this theatre after 1999.


Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.

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