Crossfire War – Iran Test Fires Anti – Carrier Cruise Missile

Crossfire War – Tehran – Muscat – Riyadh – Doha Watch – Persian Gulf – Sea of Oman – Arabian Sea Theatre: Tehran – Riyadh – Doha – Muscat/Washington – London – Paris – Berlin; Iran Test Fires Anti-Carrier Cruise Missile – 180 Mile (300 Km ) Range

Night Watch: BANDAR ABBAS – As part of Tehran’s continued preparations for war, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Naval and Air Forces have just test fired an anti-carrier cruise missile.

Xinhua quoted Iran Deputy Air Force Commander Brigadier General Ali Fadavi, “We have successfully test fired a cruise missile called SSN4 or Ra’ad, hitting targets 300 km (180 miles) away in the Sea of Oman, northern Indian Ocean (Arabian Sea). This missile has the final range of 350 km (200 miles) and can hit all kinds of big warships in all of the Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman and northern Indian Ocean. It can carry a 500 kilos (1,100 lb) warhead and can fly at low altitude, evading radar jammings and is immune to electronic measures.” [XINHUA]

This is why it is ridiculous to believe (f)allout war with Tehran can be avoided. Tehran has been using the negotiations for the past several years with Russia, European Union and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna to make its final preparations.

Iran is also testing its new anti-air missile system just imported from Russia. I assume Moscow knows how to counter it. Tehran had these maneuvers increased in frequency and size as the U. S.-Britain and other Allies increased naval presence in the Persian Gulf in December. As reported, Iran had maneuvers almost all of last year and Israel is by no means the main target since there is no market for salt in the Dead Sea. The West-India-Russia are, in that order of priority.

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