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Crossfire War – Iran States Britain in ‘Blatant Violation’


Crossfire War – TEHRAN – BAGHDAD – RIYADH WATCH – Persian Gulf Theatre: Tehran – Baghdad – Riyadh – Muscat – Doha/London – Washington – Canberra; Tehran States Britain in “blatant Violation of Territorial Waters” – Claims British Sailors – Marines Have Confessed

Night Watch: TEHRAN – Consequences of selling the foreign policy to Tehran-Riyadh is about to become more obvious. Iran’s Foreign Ministry summoned the British Charge d’Affaires Kate Smith and demanded Britain explain what Tehran has called a “blatant violation of its territorial waters”. Iran’s Director General of Western Europe Relations at the Foreign Ministry, Ebrahim Rahimpour stated Britain had actually violated Iranian territorial waters several times since the UK/US occupation of Iraq four years ago. Rahimpour then called for “non-recurrence”. [IRNA]

Tehran is preparing reasons to attack the Allied military units and bases in the Persian Gulf. Since they are now accusing Britain of these “blatant territorial” violations then Iran can claim its attack is defensive against enemy aggression. Iran’s Deputy Commander in Chief of Armed Forces General Staff, Gen. Ali-Reza Afshar stated, “The arrest shows our forces readiness to defend the country at all times.” He also mentioned that under interrogation the 15 British sailors and marines confessed to the violation. [IRNA]

These statements are obvious justification for Iran’s attack, which could come shortly after Iran completes its latest series of offensive naval exercises in the Persian Gulf that are scheduled to be completed next week on the 30th. Of course there has been no mentioning of when the British sailors-marines will be released. The trap, the lost alliance of London-Washington has now been extended beyond Iraq to include the Persian Gulf.

The reason for this disastrous situation revolves around the enormously corrupt decision, by London-Washington in 1991, to halt the coalition against Saddam Hussein outside Baghdad and let him remain for 12 more years while engineering services, headquarted in San Francisco, via their London branch office, constructed military bases and underground facilities for Iran, similar to the ones built for Saudi Arabia during the 1980s. The construction firm went through London in order to avoid the U.S. economic embargo against Iran, which was the reason Britain’s establishment had no embargo and why now Britain’s Charge d’Affaires is being hauled before Iran’s Foreign Ministry under accusation.

CNN showed the firm’s London branch office the day after the Gulf War ended in 1991 and obviously there were those on the highest levels of U.S. corporate – banking circles who went along with it and therefore, Washington. Victory is not possible for the UK/US under such corrupt and available decision making.


Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.

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