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Crossfire War – Iran Accusses U.S. of Violation of Air Space – Abadan

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Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Persian Gulf Theatre: Tehran – Kuwait – Baghdad – Riyadh/London – Washington – Canberra; Iran Accuses US Fighter Bombers of Violation of Air Space – Saturday Over Abadan – Khuzestan Province

Night Watch: ABADAN – RIA reports, according to an Iran based Arabic language news channel Al-Alam, two U.S. Fighter Bombers violated Iranian airspace Saturday over Abadan in Khuzestan province, on the northern Persian Gulf. A spokesman for the Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps said this is not the first violation. [RIA]

I would not be surprised. The aircraft could easily have been on a reconnaissance mission in preparations for attacks on Iran’s nuclear facilities and military bases. We will never know all that is going on but some information is made public. This may have nothing to do with the seizure of the 15 British sailors-marines. The recon flights could have been going on before the seizure. These flights may confirm the analysis of Russian intelligence, quoted recently on crossfirewar.com, that the Pentagon is planning attacks on Iran early this month.

The reason why Moscow is so well informed as to Washington’s plans is due to the two governments acting in tandem. While the U.S. attacks Iran from the Persian Gulf, Russia threatens Iran from the north by beginning its offensive in the South Caucasus through Georgia. Tehran-Ankara have increased their relations with Tbilisi for more than a year in the hopes that Moscow can again be defeated as it was in the mid-1990s during the first Chechen war. If Moscow cannot successfully end the standoff with Tbilisi, that began last summer, then the industrialized world will lose access to the strategic resources in the Caucasus – Caspian region.


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