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Crossfire War – F – 117 Stealth Fighters Deployed to South Korea

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Crossfire War – BERLIN – WASHINGTON – MOSCOW WATCH – JOINT COMMAND STRUCTURE – Northeast Asia – Artic Theatre – Berlin – Washington – Moscow/Pyongyang – Beijing – Tehran; PENTAGON POSITIONED 15 – 24 F – 117 Stealth Fighter Bombers in South Korea This Month – Strengthens Moscow’s Position At Negotiations – Tehran – Pyongyang

Night Watch: WASHINGTON – Xinhua reports that the Pentagon admitted Wednesday that during this month they have positioned 15 – 24 F-117 Stealth Fighter Bombers to South Korea. The move has been denounced by Pyongyang through their spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. The spokesman was quoted over the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) that Pyongyang was ready for either war or dialogue. But the Allies may have run out of patience and are no longer interested in dialogue especially since shipments of enriched material and ballistic missiles could be leaving North Korea during the dialogue. This deployment is an obvious operational follow up to the four day working visit by the Chairman of the U. S. Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon General Peter Pace in late October. Of course they discussed, among who knows how many war scenarios, the remants of North Korea’s nuclear program and its potential to still export vital material to Iran. The Allies understandably agree Tehran has more than enough advanced weaponry to launch. [XINHUA]

Fortunately Moscow has always realistically realized there is no way to negotiate Tehran into defeat and that the Axis of Evil has to be attacked directly and not just groups or governments that revolve around the nucleus of terror, but the nucleus itself. With the recent airlifting of hundreds of pounds of enriched uranium from Germany to Russia, Moscow now seems to be ready and not only to take part in a possible joint action against North Korea’s nuclear facilities, but also against Tehran’s blatant support for Tbilisi in its current military standoff with Moscow in the South Caucacus, the crossroads of energy pipelines essential to the industrialized world’s energy present and future.

I suspect that after North Korea the Stealth Fighters may then be sent over the Artic to be deployed at a base in Russia and then wait for further attack orders.


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