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Crossfire War: Controversy and Arguments Between India, Washington

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South Asia Theatre: New Delhi/Washington; “Hectic Diplomacy Afoot” – Controversy and Arguments Continue Between India/Washington Concerning Iran’s Nuclear Program

Night Watch: NEW DELHI – Anger has by no means subsided within India’s political and government circles as they respond to U. S. Ambassador David C. Mulford’s remark recently that if India supports Iran’s nuclear program during the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) meeting in Vienna on February 2 then the US-India nuclear agreement could “die”. [IRNA]

U. S. Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice further inflamed the situation when she stated, in an interview with Reuters, that India had some difficult choices ahead. In the meantime the Leftist parties in India are accusing Washington of trying to intimidate India.

The increasing animosity, if not hatred, between the two capitals is playing right into Tehran’s hand. Tehran is aware that this concern on the part of the international community is 20 years too late. Diplomats and government officials in both New Delhi and Washington, especially the latter, are more concerned about saving their reputation in the history books, which will indeed show that their image meant more to them than any real policy.

Mulford and Rice don’t dare mention publicly that Washington has been marching to Tehran’s agenda ever since they agreed to halt the coalition forces outside Baghdad 15 years ago so engineering services, headquarted in San Francisco through London, could construct military and underground facilities for Iran similar to the ones they built for Saudi Arabia during the 1980’s. The industrial services and the governments that front for them signed their death warrant when they made that short term profit deal.

Ambassador Mulford and Secretary Rice’s minds are too much in the dark to compute that, not to the mention the rest of the government which is obviously very like minded. Empty threats have now become the foundation of Washington’s policies. With enemies like India/U. S., Iran needs no axis partners.

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