Crossfire War – Al-Qaeda – Iran Set Off Seven Explosions on Mumbai Trains

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – South Asia Theatre – India: Tehran – Islamabad/ Delhi; al -Qaeda (Iran) Set Off Seven Explosions on Mumbai Commuter Train System During Evening Rush Hour – 60 Killed 300 Wounded

Night Watch: MUMBAI – As part of Iran and the Jihad’s economic agenda Tehran had al-Qaeda set off seven explosions on Mumbai’s (Bombay) commuter train system during evening rush hour. Latest news reports from AP and Global News Radio, quoting Indian police officials are that 60 commuters have been killed and 300 wounded. The death and wounded figures are expected to increase. Every explosion hit a moving train on the western suburban railway system from the stations: Mahim, Bandra, Bhyander, Jogeshwari and Borivali. All the explosions occurred within a half – hour the first one at 6:25 pm. Every major city in India is now on high alert. [WEBINDIA]

Mumbai is of course the New York of India, its economic capital and therefore an obstacle to Iran and its intention to control the economic future of northern India through Pakistan. This is why no militant group has claimed credit for this attack or the attack today on tourists in Kashmir Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu – Kashmir. Islamic terrorists there made five grenade attacks in an attempt to cripple the tourist industry of the province, a major source of revenue. [WEBINDIA]

The attacks in Srinagar were condemned by known Islamic groups fighting India’s occupation, which to me always indicates Tehran’s presence and influence. Eight tourists were killed and 37 wounded. Most of the grenade attacks took place at Badyari crossing Dalgae on the bank of Dal Lake. Another attack occurred at Regal Chouk.

The Mumbai-Srinagar attacks took place just one week before Iran Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki is to visit Delhi to continue Tehran’s deceptive diplomacy. Iran puts on a show to discuss and plan economic cooperation with India while in reality Tehran supports groups that are attacking it in preparation for the next major war between Pakistan and India. A war Iran intends to use to control the economy and future of northern India.

Tehran sees India in the same dark light they view the West, as an obstacle to the Islamic world’s re-emergence.

NEWS UPDATE: Latest reports from AP now say 105 commuters were killed and more than 300 wounded. India Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called an emergency Cabinet meeting.

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