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Crossfire War: 3,700 Russian Experts Work at Bushehr Nuclear Construction Site

TEHRAN WATCH: Eurasian Theatre; Moscow/Tehran – 3,700 Russian Experts Continue Work at Bushehr Nuclear Construction Site – Evacuation Plan in Place in Case of Military Attack

Night Watch: BUSHEHR – Despite the latest news on Iran’s nuclear weapons program, now 20-years old, 3,700 Russian experts are still working at Iran’s nuclear facility Bushehr on the Persian Gulf. [RIA Novosti News Service]

The contract was signed between Tehran and the Russian company Atomsroiexport in 1995 as a result of a 1992 agreement between Tehran-Moscow to cooperate in Iran’s nuclear program. These thousands of experts are there for the same reason the engineering-construction company, based in San Francisco, went through its London branch office and was invited back to Iran the day after the Gulf War ended 15-years ago: money. Everyone knows the Jihad pays well. Of course the executives and owners of the companies involved don’t call the arrangement investing in the Jihad they just call it profitable. They are that much in the dark and deservedly so including the governments that front for them.

The Bushehr project was begun 30-years ago under the Shah of Iran, initially with German assistance but when the Shah was overthrown in 1979 by fundamentalist and nationalist forces Germany pulled out, otherwise we would have seen World War III already and Tehran would have had much more nuclear weaponry to use.

Media reports indicate evacuation plans are in place for the 3,700 Russian experts in case of military attacks against Iran’s nuclear program, and latest news indicate those attacks are now being planned by Berlin-Washington, informing NATO, but Tehran does not want those experts to be re-employed by the Allied war effort. Those experts are as good as dead as are all the industrial services that made themselves available to Tehran.

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