Brussels Dialogue According to the UNSC Resolution 1244 is Unacceptable for the Independent Republic of Kosova

United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 authorised an international civil and military presence in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and established the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK). It was adopted on June 10, 1999. Nince years later, Kosova became an independent state (February 17, 2008), and is recognized by over 100 members of the United Nations. Now, 20 years after resolution 1244, Serbia still does not recognize Kosova. Serbia considers that “Kosova is Serbian territory not Alabanians’ at all.” For this purpose, official Belgrade has invented the Brussels Dialogue to revise the political status of independent Kosova.

Beograd says it is fully prepared to make a “historical deal” with Prishtina be it in Brussels or in Washington, but Kosova “must be in Serbia” for Serbia to agree.

Nenad Popovic, Serbian Minister of Inovation said “Serbia was created in Kosovo and Serbia without Kosovo cannot exist. Being that the the EU did not have the capacity to persuade the Kosovo Albanians to make any concessions. I am sure that a model will be found and that it is the broadest autonomy (for Kosovo) that there is anywhere in the world, but within the framework of 1244 and the Constitution of Serbia. The Brussels agreements are dead. The EU did not have the capacity to persuade the Albanians to make any concessions. The Serbian side was truly cooperative… the Albanians have not made a single step. The EU has done nothing.” [ b92 ].

It should be said that since the beginning of his statement, Serbian government minister Nenad Popovic lies and defames Kosovo’s history. The truth is that Serbia was not created in Kosova, but in today’s territory of Raska.

kosovars emigrating
kosovars emigrating

This is also confirmed by this accurate historical source written by the prominent British historian Noel Malcolm. Malcolm wrote, “The Serbian expansion into Kosovo began in earnest only in the late twelfth (12) century. Serbia was not founded in Kosovo but in Rascsia, an area beyond north-western border, and most of the important early medieval Serbian monasteries and churches were built outside of Kosovo itself.” (See :”Kosovo A Short History,” 1999: 26 and xxxi (Introdukction).

This is the historical truth about Kosova that is not possible to be hidden any longer by the Serbian government, church and historians who for centuries have falsified and sophisticated the history of Kosovo (1389 -2019).

Therefore, neither America nor the European Union should take into account the false mythological demands of Serbia’s history. That is because Kosova has never been Serbia’s territorial legacy, but only colonial plunder (1912-1999 ). This is both an historical and political truth that Kosova is an indigenous territory populated by Albanian majority over 90 percent that belong to the Ethnic Albania since 2nd century BCE.

Even though official Belgrade has already prepared a political solution to recognize substantial autonomy or republic of Kosova but only within Serbia’s sovereignty, or the partition of Kosova’s territory, that Serbian political formula has no chance to be accepted by their Kosova Albanian negotiting counterpart be it in Brussels dialogue or in Washington.

The reason is that Kosova has never been legal territory of Serbia, but just its illegal colonial plunder from 1912 to 1999 when the United States and NATO allies had bombed so-called Federal Republic Yugoslavia (contained by Serbia and Montenegro) because of it committed crimes of genocide against 2 and a half million people in order to ethnically cleanse Kosova of Albanians.

About that classical Serbian genocide on inocnet Albanian people testify this statistic of the Albanians killing by Serbian military, paramilitary and police units (1998-1999) in Kosova.
According to the Kosovo government institutions, Serbian barbarous forces in Kosovo have killed : “- 11, 840 victims ; 1,392 children up to 18 years; 296 children up to 5 years; 1.739 women; 1,882 elderly people over the age of 65; 1,450 people are still missing, as well as 20,400 Albanian women have been raped.” [ ].

This is an undeniable argument that Serbia by centuries was, and still is dangerous enemy to Albanians and Kosova because by centuries she has never admitted that Kosovo is part of Ethnic Albania and Albanains’ even though that historical records show that “Slavs i.e. Serbs came to the Balkans Peninsula at the 7th century but they appeared in Albanian Kosova by the end of the 12th century.” (See in the book: Kosova Today, written by Academic Dr. Mark Krasniqi, Pristina, 1992, p.40.).

Sa më sipër, edhe Evropa duhet të zgjohet nga ndjenja e përgjumur shekullore, që të mos i sakrifikojë shqiptarët për herën e tretë, duke bërë të njëjtin gabim dhe të nëjtën padrejtësi, duke mos e ndëshkuar Serbinë si shtet kolonialist dhe gjenocidal, e cila, edhe pas pavarësimit të Kosovës,

As mentioned above, Europe must awaken from the dormant centuries-old feeling of sacrificing Albanians for the third time, making the same mistake and the same injustice, not punishing Serbia as a colonialist and genocidal state which, even after the independence of Kosova (February 17, 2008) thanks to the United States and its European Western allies, which steadily seeking help from Russia and China to restore its colonial sovereignty to Albanian Kosova.

Belgrade’s “fire game” political and diplomatic formula, is misusing the EU mediator and trying to do the same with the world powers such as America, Russia and China in the Brussels Dialogue (2011-2019). Serbia can in no way bring any peace compromise between Kosovo and Serbia.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.