Blacks Should ‘Thank White America’ For Slavery

Let’s look at the positive aspects of what slavery did for African Americans and what was gained from it. First, let’s look at slavery as a training process in which a person learns discipline and the value of work and how to build a nation.

We can think of the slave master as a “teacher” and the slave as the student. Under this teaching, the students eventually learn to be a master themselves. This is the real relationship between the master and the slave, but many chose to look at it differently.

Many see it as forced servitude without pay, but the payment is what is learned, to farm, to build, and to become a master. If blacks where not sold by their own African brothers to the slave masters, we would not have endured slavery in the first place. That is the negative that African Americans seem to purposely overlook so they will not have to confront their fierce African brothers one day.

Nevertheless, what would life in Africa have brought us if we had never been made slaves? We obviously were a people who where looked at by the Africans as “useless.” That is why they sold us. So life there would have been of no real benefit, but because we were sold, we now are some of the smartest and wealthiest black people on earth.

Thanks To Slavery

And that is thanks to slavery, now we are educated in nation building and nation management. Any one of us can become the President and rule a country we once served as slaves. And that is thanks to slavery. Nothing we as black people have accomplished in America would ever have been possible in Africa.

But thanks to slavery, we now have the understanding it takes to go back to Africa and build it into a world superpower based on what we have learned from our masters. We have the understanding it takes to get the compensation for our slave labor.

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Thanks to slavery, we lack nothing but the will to use what we have learned to build and manage any land we inhabit. Even if we were ever to lose our rights as citizens and be forced into slavery again, we are some of the most valuable slaves on earth. Thanks to our slavery in America we have learned how to rise to the top of the social, economic and political ladder – all thanks to our former masters.

slaves taken to be sold
Slaves being taken away to be sold by other blacks.

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