Are Black Women Destroying America’s Youth? #ScrewMeToo

I want to speak on the deteriorating condition of the black community and the misdirected blame on black men. Could the real culprit be getting away with murder because we are overlooking the problem, and that problem is the “parent.” Black men are victims of bad parenting and it is not the parenting of the male because he is not present in most cases.

98% of black youth are raised by single mothers and 75% of these children end up in trouble with the law. Now many black women will use the “cop out” that because of a deadbeat father, these boys become criminals.

But if that is true then why do other boys of single mothers become doctors and lawyers? Why did President Obama become the President and he was the child of a single mother? To say that because they have no father that’s why they can’t be raised properly is a cop out.

The truth is, the majority of black women are bad parents because they take no real interest in their male children. They help to destroy the relationship with the father and when they break up, they resent the child because they hate the father. And because of this resentment they neglect the boy child, because he reminds them of the father.


Black women tend to favor the female child more over the boy, in most cases, because she reminds her of herself. This is why you see more unity between black women and more success in their lives because they are not neglected the way the boys are.

Because of this neglect, black men grow up with a hatred of black women which stems back to their childhood experiences with their mother. They don’t know how to relate normally with a woman because their mother didn’t teach them to. Black women leave their boy child to fend for himself and all of his lessons in life are learned from other black males who were raised the same way.

Truth is, black women are raising a nation of criminals and dead beat fathers and their teaching is seeping into other races and influencing the destruction of America. Black Women would love to continue to blame the black man for this epidemic but she is the only teacher in the home.

Malcolm X once said “The building of a nation begins with the mother because she is the first teacher of the child, the message she gives that child he or she gives to the world.”

Now listen to gangster rap music and tell me what message have black women given these black men to spread throughout the world?

It is a message of drugs, having babies, woman hating, disrespect for authority, killing and prison. Could this be a case of black women saying let us make man in our image and likeness, to do the things we would do if we were men?

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