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Barack Obama Smokes – Prepare Yourselves, Republicans!

barack obama smokes
barack obama smokes

A story in the UK Guardian reports that Barack Obama’s doctors told him he needs to quit smoking. Apart from that, he is in very good health.

Now, I’m going to get this out of the way before Republicans have a field day, that way those that read this story (or already know he smokes) won’t be surprised when the GOP blows this trivial story out of proportion:

BARACK OBAMA SMOKES CIGARETTES! The President of the United States smokes!

First he has no birth certificate, then he bows to a Japanese emperor out of a showing of respect, he gives an iPod to Queen Elizabeth – now he SMOKES? How far is this man going to go?

Get real.


I can almost see the headline on Fox News in my head: “Shameless Obama Can’t Quit Smoking.” Then will come the analysis and far-fetched cause and effect claims, such as Obama’s smoking will influence the youth to partake in the act and increase tobacco sales. Then will come a segue into how he could possibly smoke marijuana, and they will put together a nice retrospective of all of his quotes about drug use such as “I inhaled – that’s the point.” Then Glenn Beck will cry on live television because the fact that he is poisoning today’s youth with his habit makes him so sad. Then Billo’ will produce an Olbermann-esque rant condemning Obama for smoking. Then, Shepherd Smith will probably add his own ineptitude into the mix somehow – I haven’t gotten that far.

Or, maybe Republicans have grown tired of the trivial issue pursuit of Obama and finally placed their focus on real issues at hand.

Oh, I crack myself up.

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