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Are Maoists Becoming Destructive Anti Nationalist Force in Nepal?


At first, the Maoists were once known as a nationalist rebel force. Now, the Maoist leader Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai have exposed as an anti-nationalist destructive force. They have forgotten the ideology of Mao, not even the teachings of Buddha, now they have only holy Bible. In reality the Maoists’ party likes to take an opportunity to get profit from China whereas it is internally guided by Indian strategy to disintegrate China in the name of Free Tibet. The Maoist leaders have been exposed as the brokers of Christians in the name of revolutionary force.

The Ekata Kendra party was transformed to Maoist party in accordance to interest of India. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is the supporter of the Catholic- Christian as Indian Congress (I) leader, Sonia Gandhi. Prachanda is himself a follower of Protestantism (according the advocate Balkrishna Neupane).

This is now clear that CIA, the Christian mission and European nations including Norway had and have been offering huge economic supports to break Hindu and Buddhist’s identity for Christianity and Free-Tibet. During a mass meeting organized by Christians two years ago at the Open Theater, Prachanda had said in a threatening tone- ‘Those who oppose secularism will be kidnapped.’ We cannot say that the policy of secularism, republic and ethnic federalism that inevitably pushes the nation towards disintegration has emanated from Maoists strength than foreign support.

Ninth month ago, Baburam Bhattarai became the PM and he is trying to destroy Nepalese identity. Kantipur’s Sudhir Sharma wrote an article in which he acknowledged Professor S.D Muni’s article ‘India’s role with the Maoists’. Sharma writes- ‘In 2002 Prachanda and Baburam Bhattarai had sent a letter to Indian PM through S.D Muni, reply of which they received after several months.

In the Maoists’ letter they had expressed desire to maintain good relation with India. They also expressed that they were committed not to act against Indian interest in Nepal. Later officials of the intelligence bureau took over the responsibility of maintaining contact with the Maoists and later intelligence agency ‘RAW’ took over same job. Due to the good personal relationship with ‘RAW’ chief Hermij Dharakan and Baburam Bhattarai made it easier in understanding between the Maoists and ‘RAW’.

The first meeting between Shyam Sharan and the Maoists’ leaders took place at ‘RAW’ safe house at the initiative of S.D Muni’ (Kantipur 21 April, 2012). So, the PM Baburam Bhattarai and Deputy- PM Krishna Sitoula both are the known agents of RAW. Both traitors became the PM and Deputy-PM from the conspirator design of RAW. Down with traitors!!

Himal Media organizer Kanakmani Dixit, who maintains a deep relation with India, writes about the Maoists- ‘The alliance of Maoists and Madhesi parties under Baburam Bhattarai’s leadership was imposed on the people with Delhi’s active role. If any government has been manipulated by ‘remote control’ then it is incumbent regime.

After 1989 Delhi played the role of utmost influence in Nepal and Nepalese politics. For the armed struggle, Maoists used Indian land. There is no doubt that agents were deployed to monitor and take care of Maoist leaders living in India’s Noida, Faridabad and other places during the major time span of the insurgency period. They used Baburam Bhattarai and the process of 12-point pact was simplified. To impose such an alliance on Nepal it is a loathsome act of New Delhi,” (Nagarik daily 27 April, 2012)

Actually, the PM Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda are simply show-piece. Whatsoever is being done in Nepal it is due to India? However India must realize that the suspicious Maoist Baburam will be destructive for India also. Nepal would not have witnessed such extremity of foreign activities had the royal institution continued to exist. It is now crystal clear for everyone that the institution was a guardian of Nepal’s security. The foreign powers have dared to remove the force- royal institution, and take this opportunity to do whatever they want in this land.

United Nations Secretary General who is more concerned over America had visited India on 27 April, 2012. During his visit he said- ‘India’s role is crucial for Nepal’s transition to democracy and stable peace.’ He thanked India for its engagement in Nepal and said that India’s role is important for the successful transition of Nepal to democracy and stability.

How a UN Secretary General could say so against a sovereignty and independent Nepal? This is another intervening pressure which the Nepalese people do not want. So, we disregard such biased Secretary General of UN who is in ally of America. The Rana rulers were aware of this fact so that they had kept the monarch isolated and protected in a harem. We feel proud that due to the presence of the royal institution we have remained sovereign Nepalese people. The royal institution is the symbol of Nepal’s unity. We must learn from our mistakes. We must commit ourselves to 1990 constitution with the presence of monarchy to save the nation, and spread the dignity of a sovereign Nepal. There are no other alternatives.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.

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