Are Blacks In Danger of Losing Their Civil Rights?

I want to delve into the psychology of White America’s thinking on the subject of, “Are Blacks worthy of Civil Rights?” This is a question that the government had long before the rise of Martin Luther King’s Civil Rights Movement. This question goes back to Black America’s distorted view of why we became slaves in the first place.

The widespread belief among blacks is that we were kidnapped from Africa. But the truth is that we where sold into slavery by the African leaders of that time, yes – but why? Was it solely for financial gain, or was it because we were disrupting Africa as we are doing today in America?

I am inclined to believe the latter, but what I know for sure is that history often repeats itself and that is solely because the people, generation after generation, rarely ever change their thinking and their behavior.

Are Blacks In Danger of Losing Their Civil Rights?
Are Blacks In Danger of Losing Their Civil Rights?

This is why, during the civil rights era, whites were not so much against integrating with blacks because of skin color (that is an uneducated theory). It was because they knew from hundreds of years of dealing with them and studying blacks that the masses were not ready to join civilized society. But why? It was because they knew their history in Africa and their “inherent nature” to create chaos and disorder. They knew that blacks always need a taskmaster over them at all times to suppress their barbaric nature and allowing them freedom would be disastrous.

And when Martin Luther King introduced the concept of “civil disobedience” he unlocked Pandora’s box because it was in accord with the true nature of blacks. And that concept, although effective in his effort to gain civil rights, has become a detriment to us and is leading us towards total isolation from society.

Now we jump to today, civil disobedience is now a way of life for blacks in the inner cities of America ( Violence, Drugs, Crime ). Among blacks, this all spawned from that idea and it has now become a religion to most. And along with gangsta rap that religion has grown nationwide, converting even non-blacks to its practice and that is where the problem really begins.This way of life seems cool to black youth, but how long do you they really think it will be tolerated?

The value and dignity of this country is being mocked by foreign leaders because of black culture, and that is very bad for business. And many citizens and politicians alike feel that blacks are becoming more trouble than they are worth. So, civil rights for blacks – that is the issue on the table now, should they be revoked? Many of our progressive and productive blacks would suffer as a result, but would it save the country?

It is sad that our black youth have single-handedly destroyed everything that Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and even Abraham Lincoln and many others died for, because of their civil disobedience.

Now, are we are in danger of losing our privileges that we so greatly take for granted as American citizens and be condemned as a people as we did in Africa so long ago? But as I said, History often repeats itself because the people rarely change their thinking and their behavior. So I wonder are we just destined to live in the jungles away from civilized people? That seems to me the only outcome because a primitive thinking and a primitive way of life will soon have no place in the world that is developing right beneath our feet.

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