America’s Priceless Learning Moments, Courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama!

Without question, the most prestigious and powerful political office on the planet – the US Presidency – has been significantly dumbed down and neutered during the tortured tenure of Barack Hussein Obama. Along with seriously denigrating the actual office, Obama managed to undermine American pride and honor by surrendering to world forces not beholden to 330 million Americans or our global allies and partners.

Elitist ignorance, combined with complete loathing of American history and culture, are causative in Obama’s simple-minded aversion to American Exceptionalism. That is why policies like “Leading from Behind” are the new ideal for leftist haters of America. Those haters are anxious to make America a 3rd world (or worse) nation akin to the failed state of our southern neighbors, the parasitical socialists of Mexico!

By destroying America from within and without, left-wing enemies like Obama strive to prove that free-market capitalism is evil, and that our version of democracy and freedom as maintained by resolute Christian faith, are vacuous.

Which is why Obama has consistently insisted that America is not a Christian nation and that Islam has nothing whatsoever to do with global terrorism!


obama learning moments.
Obama learning moments.

After eight tragic years of blathering from our pathetic Muslim sympathizer and Marxist nanny-dictator, the American people finally awakened to Obama’s failed mindset. The people rejected his ideas in total, while enthusiastically welcoming an America First hero to take control of our destiny and direction!

How to explain America’s myopia in electing Barack Obama, not once, but twice?

Guilt inspired by left wing zealots!

In addition, the American people bought into the false narrative of the left which held that Obama was suitable for the presidency because he was, after all, “Clean and Articulate” and unencumbered by a “Negro dialect!” These definitions courtesy of Harry Reid of Nevada.

Eight years later, we know that “Being Clean and Articulate” is not nearly enough to qualify a deluded Marxist for the Presidency!

May we never forget this priceless lesson again!

John Lillpop

John Lillpop is a recovering liberal. It was 1992 when he last voted for a Democrat. That is when he woke up to the democrats and progressives. Pray for John, because he lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, where people think Nancy Pelosi is actually normal.