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Americans Have No Class

Now all I know is what little I read on the Internet and no matter how much I read or how little I read, boy things are really a mess aren’t they?

Mr. Obama is trying to keep our spirits up while Americans are down in the dumps. Now, we all know that banks, auto and real estate are in worse shape than we are, but considering the fact that these big boys represent the necessities of our life, we should treat them like our kids that misspend their allowance. Ground them and let them sit and wallow in their grief until they realize what they have done. A little tough love, because all these corporate folks are really just kids who have been given the keys to the car and have returned it wrecked and out of gas.

As I write this column I am sitting at a friend’s house for Monday night football (Green Bay and the Saints). I don’t watch much football, but this game was fun to watch. Because after the first 3 fumbles or interceptions, it is not a matter of if the next fumble will happen it was a matter of when and how comical it will be. I put a buck on that team to win, but I would have gladly pay 5 bucks in the end just for the entertainment value.

I just hope the BIG 3 auto boys did not watch that game. I don’t want them to think that is what you are supposed to do when you get the ball. The automakers will have that ball really soon and we don’t want anything but TD’s and nothing but net action. We will be on their side as long as they are on our side. These are scary times and it takes scary tactics to solve it.

I was talking with my friends and most of them have investments that they are afraid they will lose soon. I myself have invested in my business and my talent, so if the business fails I can always depend on my talent. Of course it remains to be seen if my talents amount to anything.

Anyhow, I was talking to these folks and they were saying that they have lost a lot of money and how even their financial advisers are clueless. Now that is something I could have told them long ago. Financial advisers are just fortune tellers who can guess wrong and people will still pay them. Everyone in this group was basically saying the same thing, that is, nothing is sure and most of the older folks might lose everything.

My take: Everyone has as much to lose as the other person, only rich folks will be sadder because they are used to having something. Unlike the poor who don’t know better than being poor with no opportunity at being anything but poor. I see this whole thing, this crash or gutting of the American living and working machine as a way to level the playing field.

The rich might be poor and the poor might become rich. Homes, stocks and anything else that is a possible money maker might be open for all to buy. This whole thing like any other tragedy will breed folks who are opportunists, survivors, folks that can live off nothing and ultimately gain something. This may also level the way business works and the way we buy our homes and shuffle our money around.

The rules to the game may change if we all wind up with nothing more than just our desire to survive and our common sense to spend on these problems. It seems to get worse each day but I would not worry yet that the whole thing will fall apart, at least until Obama gets in there and gives Americans a look like “All for one and everyone for themselves.” Then we can worry. Obama, whether you like it our not, some of us voted for you because you are our Messiah and now we are hoping you are a magician.

Meanwhile, more banks are falling, in more ways then one. I see that Citibank received 20 billion dollars and well, just kept a grip on it with white knuckles, no trickle down with this money. Now they want more money and it seems they are using it to buy other financial businesses.

That is like America getting a stimulus check and spending it all on scratch off lottery tickets. Only the odds are better with the scratch offs!

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