All People of Nepal Must Unite and Oust Traitors in The Region

At the behest of Indian intelligence agency, ‘RAW’ officer in command Mr. Aalok Joshi, Prachanda-Baburam took the decision at midnight to give ministry to 12 leaders from Madhesi Morcha and run overall governmental policy, and planning as per Indian program. At the initial phase sensitive portfolios of Defense, Home and Communication were handed over to pro-Indian parties. A decision has already been taken for en masse entry in name of Madhesi, into the national army.

The process of ‘Sikkimization’ (refers to annexation of Sikkim by India) that has started, in which Prachanda too is a participant; comrade Prime Minister has openly declared a class war. We had been talking of this in regard to Baburam Bhattarai from the beginning, which is getting proved now. Maoist central member Dr. Rishiraj Baral wrote an article in the 12 Sep. 2011, in Annapurna Post calling for an opposition against treason and ‘Sikkimization’.

Former Prime Minister Madhav Nepal’s press advisor Bishnu Rijal wrote on the same day in Annapurna Post, “India’s good intentions towards Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is not secret, it manifests. Indian ambassador Jayanta Prasad’s statement that India would support the PM whom Nepali people favor is not a coincidence. Maoist Party Politburo member, C. P Gajurel stated that the keys of the weapon containers were handed over under Indian direction, which further emphasizes on the issue.”

Likewise it was mentioned in 16 Sep.2011, weekly newspaper Ghatana ra Bichar- ‘Prachanda had stayed at Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ guest house at Silgudhi, and held talks with Indian officials. Prachanda has strengthened his relationship with ‘RAW’ veteran and Nepal chief Aalok Joshi. There are indications that Nepali Congress Krishna Sitaula plays the role of stage manager for the secret meeting and journey. So it is clear from where these Maoist leaders and Nepali Congress as well as UML are mobilized. It is less a sad matter of who met whom, rather than how the nation could be saved from this dangerous conspiracy of India to ambush Nepal by using Nepalese stooges.

Secrets and miraculous activities are unveiling everywhere. After 2005, many analysts exposed and wrote Dr. Baburam an Indian agent, or the agent of ‘RAW’. Observing the country’s situation, I had also published an article in Tarun weekly-10 Aug.2009- ‘Let’s take up scimitar (Khando) against traitors.’ I had analyzed there the current situation of Nepal- ‘There is fear of the followers of ‘RAW’ in Nepal. If Baburam Bhattarai becomes PM of Nepal, India can capture Nepal through him- breaking the Nepalese unity.

Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ wants to make Baburam Bhattarai the PM, and drown Nepal like the infamous Lendup Dorje had done as Sikkim-1975. Then, the nation faces danger. We must continue our historical tradition of resorting to energetic means, and take up scimitar against traitors.’ And then, after 28 days on 8 Sep. 2009, I came to notice that Dr. Baburam Bhattarai had filed a lawsuit against me at Kathmandu District Court. I puzzled and I went to inquire of the date to be present in court.

A prominent high level Maoist leader Mohan Baidha’s group has also approved the statement that the four point agreement with Madhesis Tanta mounted to Shikimization. The four-point agreement reached between the party and the Madhesi parties is anti-nationalist. This four point agreement has been harmful for national independence. This has created a danger of pushing the nation towards Sikkimization refers to India’s conspiratorial annexation of Sikkim’ (21 September 2011.

On 13 Sep.2011, Maoist central committee member Rishiraj Baral published an article, blaming Baburam Bhattarai as a RAW agent which tallies with what I had written then. But Baral and others will not face a lawsuit. In a case which holds no meaning But, I have been innocently visiting the court representing my own case for two years. Can’t we write and express our opinions in this country? On 16 November, 2009 I gathered up as much evidences as I registered my counter answer. In my answer I gave an important message- search google > Baburam Bhattarai ‘RAW’< then we can read everything about the actual face of Baburam Bhattarai.I have veteran advocates Devendralal Nepali, Ramji Bista, Nanibabu Dahal, Bishnu Bhattarai, Juktijng Lamichane, Bhuminanda Chudal among others supporting me. Baburam's team consists of Ramsundar Shrestha, Bishwa Bhandari under the leadership of Mukti Pradhan, who is recently appointed Attorney General. I have come to understand that the current Attorney General Mukti Pradhan had from the very beginning discriminated me. He did not think it necessary to maintain a good relation. I have heard that he had once warned at earshot of other lawyers that he could resort to kidnapping, and finish me off. However, I did not concern myself with such issues, neither kept any feelings of anger.I was also at the Supreme Court when it had given its verdict on the case of Constituent Assembly (CA) term extension. The case was such that the term could not be extended. Three months ago Chief Justice Khilraj Regmi's special bench with five judges had decided against extending the term. The session of court under the same Chief Justice, under the political influence, revoked the decision at 6 pm whereas the original time had been called at 3 pm, that 'the issue of extension of CA term theory of necessity.'The election of PM was on the same day. May be the fear of the Maoists Baburam Bhattarai, who had been elected the PM, or the pressure of India; this sort of conspiracy made the judges of the respected Supreme Court feel that the constitution was squashed to create night in day.Anyway, Baburam's case has been a burden to a busy man like me. During the witness trial veteran advocate Devendralal Nepali had questioned witness Bhumi Devkota of Baburam's side- 'Have you read in newspapers that Maoist chairman Prachanda has said that India wanted to make Baburam Bhattarai Nepal's PM and that he is an Indian agent. He had answered- 'Not in newspaper I had heard in a television.' This Devendra related to the judge during the presentation of the hearing. 'Baburam's witnesses have said that Maoist leader Prachanda had called Baburam an Indian agent. So can't Dirgha Raj Prasai even be allowed to write an article on this issue? Dirgha Raj Prasai has not called Baburam Bhattarai an agent of 'RAW' directly. Many have been calling Baburam an Indian broker, but they have not been subjected to any charge, then why Dirgha Raj Prasai? He has not only mentioned Baburam's name in his article.'Then, some days later the lawyer Mukti Pradhan approached Devendralal Nepali that he had held talks with Baburam in regard to reconciliation. When I was informed I thought, 'I would not meet Mukti'. I sent an email to Baburam informing him of everything. And then, I wrote my message and sent my email to Baburam Bhattarai. "We want nationalist Baburam Bhattarai that had existed before 2005 but we don't want Baburam Bhattarai after 2006.In this context I have written many articles in which I have talked of Girija, Madhav Nepal and others along with you in Tarun newspaper. My intention is in saving the nation. You should not take it as a slur on you, and I did not know it would hurt you. In a political debate these things have been common. As a revolutionary you should be fighting for the interest of the nation. I am such an individual who is not affiliated to any political party, but I have been against traitors. Should you petition such an individual? Etc. Etc."I did not receive any messages from Baburam. Then, I gave a copy of it to judge Madhav Prasad Pokharel as it was related to the case. The judge liked it. He emphasized on reconciliation. He sent the copy of the email message to Maoist lawyer for reconciliation purpose. Later the letter was photocopied and returned to the judge. Many sessions of the court were postponed for reconciliation process. During the next session Mukti Pradhan talked to the judge at the hearing in regard to reconciliation.A witness of Baburam, Maoist Arjun Thapaliya exchanged letters with me, and with much amendment we prepared a reconciliation letter. There were talks of Baburam becoming PM. There are more than 18 court sessions had been fixed from 20 May 2010 to 17 October 2011; however the talk of reconciliation disappeared. The Maoist lawyers are deferring the case sessions. I am receiving a frustrating experience, and I now know how a person can be disarrayed by a court.An old communist leader Dr. Kesharjung Rayamahji writes- 'Soviet Union's intelligence wing KGB took wrong steps that resulted in the disintegration of Afghanistan and the Soviet Union. In similar way India's disintegration will be caused by India's intelligence agency. Baburam Bhattarai's leadership once bore 40-point agenda and raised an issue regarding the Sugauli Treaty. Now, he has agreed on a four-point agreement (Aug.2011) which clearly shows- how a leader concerned with imperialist intelligence agency in a disguise as a political character violates national interest in the interest of power and self interest; how an intelligence agency uses the rungs of power by keeping the people in the illusion of a revolutionary cover concerning the nation's sensitive subjects. This is clarified by Baburam Bhattarai's extreme leftist and extreme pro-south Rightist alliance.'-10 September, 2011 Aanapurna post.An aware citizen and a patriotic person are obviously concerned about nation's achievements, defects, sincerity, corruption, and the deteriorating situation of the nation. From 1995 to 2005 Baburam Bhattarai rebelled against the misrule of UML and Nepali Congress. Such a rebellion concerned about the nation later rallied with those Congress and UML leaders to partake in the 12-point understanding in New Delhi-2005, under the mediation and support of 'RAW'.If such people so fervently want to hand over the nation like the design contrived by infamous Lendup of Sikkim, shouldn't we fight against them? Should we allow it? Yes, let it be-what has happened is past. Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is aware of the facts. He should reveal everything and revert to the old status that had existed before the 12 point pact of November, 2005. Then, he should abolish the Constituent Assembly designed by India, and return to the 1990 Constitution to save the nation and him.This is our suggestion. If the path of treason, which is the fruit of 12-point pact, is adhered to adamantly, then Nepali people, security forces, Nepal Army and other organs of the state will not remain mere spectators. All must unite and stand up simultaneously to take up scimitars against the traitors.

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.