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7 Super Dress Ideas for the Modern Woman

We all want to look our best always, but however it is often daunting to find the proper attire to wear for an occasion. The ability to decipher the difference between a dressy casual, black tie, business casual, beach formal, and every other type of dress code that one can think of is not so easy.

This article is meant as a guide for women to ensure that navigating through these often confusing dress codes for all occasions become easier and less daunting. Before we go ahead I would like to start us off with this quote from S9 Muses fashion: “dressing up should always be all about feeling good regardless of the occasion.”

A few basic dress codes:

  • Smart Casual: this lies a bit above the dressy casual dress code and a bit below the business casual dress code. The way to go about this dress code is to imagine that you are going out for a lovely brunch with friends. You can go for a jacket, a top, and a pencil skirt, and then top off the look with either a dressy flat or heels.
  • Dressy Casual: this dress code is also known as the casual chic. It is usually a weekend dress code. It provides the opportunity for you to show off your style. This dress code requires you to dress up a bit more than your most casual attire. You can go for a pair of cute jeans and heels. A short sleeve, a lovely skirt, and a button up shirt would also go nicely. Don’t hesitate to complement your attire with some accessories like scarves, some jewellery, hats, etc.
  • The Business Casual: this is the dress code for the office. Clothes that are appropriate for the office would however depend on the work place in question. The basic thing to keep in mind here is that you should go for attire that is not overtly formal but is appropriate for the office and is well done-up. You can never go wrong with some simple jewellery, a blouse, and cropped dark colored trousers.
  • The Informal/Casual: this dress code allows you dress in any way you find appropriate and that makes you feel most comfortable. This dress code does not have any specific rule on how you have to dress. Just throw on something that portrays your personal taste. You would not need heels or any heavy accessory. It provides you with the opportunity to be highly relaxed. However this does not mean that you can throw on your night wear or work out attire. Get the gist?
  • The Beach Formal: this dress code is also known as the dressy resort. This dress code is all about the combination of style and comfort. It gears toward social events in the outdoors. Keep a light and appealing makeup along with a polished and refined hair do for this dress code. You can then go for a maxi dress with a stylish print. A dressy full-length jumpsuit is also appropriate. Jewellery for this dress code should be light. If the event is on a beach you can go for flats. You can use wedges if the occasion is on a grassy locale.
  • Black Tie: men are often restricted on what they can put on for this dress code. For the ladies however, this dress code is far less restrictive. You can never go wrong with a floor length gown. What is required is a sophisticated look. Something simple and feminine with an elegant color.
  • White Tie: this dress code requires that you dress up to the utmost level that you possibly can. This attire traditionally goes with long gloves but in recent times it is more optional. The gloves should be removed while having dinner and kept on while dancing or having a drink. A ball gown of full length is required for this dress code.

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