The 2016 Presidential Election is “Not For Blacks”

For the record, black people have no place in the coming 2016 presidential election between Ms. Clinton and Donald trump. We can just sit this one out because we had our 8 years to advance and we presented no economic or social advancement plans to president Obama. We let those in society who are against the rise of black people trick us into thinking that he was not elected to benefit just black people alone.

We Have Been Bamboozled, Lead Astray, Run Amok

But the truth is that the people elected Barack Obama solely for that reason, it was our one chance to advance, and we blew it. Now the time has come for white America to rebuild and advance and make their race great again.

All of our black leaders are dieing or being destroyed to prevent black America from ever advancing again to the point of having another black president. The war for power between blacks and whites is very real, but many in the black community have forgotten how to fight it. And those that do know are being eliminated one by one, while white America is plotting their comeback to the forefront of social and economic superiority.

“White Power, White Power”

Although black people think that every election involves them, they will soon come to learn that the only election that has ever been of benefit to blacks was the election of Barrack Obama. And now that he is coming to the end of his two terms, and because blacks thought that they had arrived without their participation in his presidency, we have missed the chance to advance.

Actually, because we did not participate in the last 8 years, we have lost out for good and now white America is no longer interested in the advancement of blacks. The future of America is that everybody looks out for their own – beginning with whites. So this election time black people can stay home because no one has any concern for the needs of blacks after President Obama leaves office – we are on our own.

2016 Presidential Election - white power confederate flag.
2016 Presidential Election – white power confederate flag.
Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
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